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  • VOL 08, ISSUE 01 • WINTER 2020
Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

People love to spout off about how things should be done, but the words are usually lost in memory’s big dustbin. Not always, though. Ask almost anyone who has found success about the best advice they’ve received and, taken as a whole, the answers are a crash course in business smarts. We rounded up some pretty brilliant nuggets that are totally worth borrowing.

Ana Sorton

Ana Sorton, chef/owner of three restaurants in the Cambridge, Mass., area, including Oleana. “Some of the best advice I received was from Mike Toth of Toth Brand Imaging: Even though the restaurant, when it opened, would be new, we should try to make it feel like it wasn’t. He urged us to make it timeless, as though 1,000 good times had already
been had.” (Photo above)

07 01 words of wisdom ocean reef club

Philippe Reynaud

Philippe Reynaud, senior director of culinary operations, Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, Fla. “I worked under two strong, customer-oriented hoteliers. They had so much good advice, especially this: Before writing a menu, think of others, not yourself, know your market and make menus creative, yet appealing, for all patrons.”

07 01 words of wisdom john currenceJohn Currence

John Currence, chef/owner of seven restaurants, including City Grocery and Big Bad Breakfast, in Oxford, Miss. “My father has a storied past of giving unsolicited advice at completely wrong times. When Nixon was being dragged through the mud, he said, ‘He could have been a great president but for the people he chose to work with. So remember, you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.’ It meant nothing then, but I remembered and took it to heart in business.”

Adriano Bruzzone

Adriano Bruzzone, head pizza chef, Recipe for Change Project, Chicago. “Keep a cool head. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the kitchen, so take one thing at a time, one order at a time.”

07 01 words of wisdom tracy borkumTracy Borkum

Tracy Borkum, founder/principal, Urban Kitchen Group with five Cucina restaurants in Orange County, Calif. "Early on, I didn’t handle confrontation well. I’m reminded of my mother's voice when I was young and had a conflict. She asked ‘What did you do?’ and ‘How do you think the other person feels?’ This has become the greatest tool to resolve differences. When we listen as well as take responsibility, life becomes fairer
and kinder."

07 01 words of wisdom dena blauschildDena Blauschil

Dena Blauschild, vice president, The Cork and the Cook, Coral Springs, Fla. “When I was new to the business, I didn’t know what to do in the dining room. The manager said, ‘Keep an eye on water glasses.’ It’s a metaphor, the idea of everything being in the details.”

07 01 words of wisdom eric skokan

Eric Skokan

Eric Skokan, chef/owner, Black Cat, Boulder, Colo. “The best advice Jill and I got was from fellow restaurateur, Dave Query: Having pretty good financial reports instantly is infinitely better than having perfectly accurate reports once a month. Nobody remembers what happened 22 days ago that would have caused a problem.”

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