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  • VOL 08, ISSUE 01 • WINTER 2020
‘Traditions’ Unveils Legacy 72’s Premium Cuts during Competition

‘Traditions’ Unveils Legacy 72’s Premium Cuts during Competition

Pork belly burnt ends, short rib barbacoa winners at event’s first-ever cookoff in Chicago

As some of the most-fierce competitors, chefs are always up for a good challenge. And when premium products are involved, they’re at their most creative.

Such was the case at the exciting kickoff event for “Traditions,” Reinhart Foodservice’s annual, four-day event bringing together the company’s vendors throughout the country. The event, which occurred at City Winery Chicago in June, was threefold.

It served as the official launch soiree for new products for Reinhart’s Legacy 72 brand. Legacy 72 Angus was one of the premium ingredients used during the chef competition.

Also, guests had the opportunity to socialize in an interactive setting that included oversized game boards, live music and the main event—the opportunity to vote on their favorite dishes prepared by eight Reinhart chefs.

The chefs, in teams of two, braised, grilled and smoked their meats to perfection with enticing dishes like short rib barbacoa, pork belly burnt ends, Korean short ribs and smoked pork belly chislic. Below, you’ll find some of the recipes with chef team Demetrio “Chef D” Marquez/Jermaine Little emerging as the winners.

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