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  • VOL 08, ISSUE 01 • WINTER 2020
The Gift of Good Tastes

The Gift of Good Tastes

Glorious Foodstuffs for Holiday Giving and Receiving

Our guide to a food-filled holiday begins with the National Restaurant Association’s 2018 Food and Beverage (FABI) winners and extends to a line of irresistible adult beverages guaranteed to raise seasonal spirits. Get ready to add an item or two or three to your wish list.

06 04 gifts of good tastes 1
Atalanta’s shakshuka, a small-batch, kettle-cooked sauce made with tomatoes, red bell peppers and ethnic spices, lets you capitalize on the perennial drawing power of Mediterranean food.

06 04 gifts of good tastes 2
La Colombe’s cold draft latte replicates a café-style drink experience with an innovative can design that forces a frothy layer of silky foam to the top when opened.

06 04 gifts of good tastes 3
Earnest Eats is sincere about its easy-prep superfood, a high-protein oatmeal with a billion heat-activated probiotics to enhance gut digestion.

06 04 gifts of good tastes 4
Ginger beers have been cresting at the top for awhile, but Brooklyn Crafted takes them to another level, with 100 percent unfiltered ginger pieces in Earl Grey, lemon & lime or mango varieties.

06 04 gifts of good tastes 5
Meat substitutes are moving from vegan to mainstream at lightning speed. Beyond Sausage delivers the sizzle, with a juicy flavor profile, and Impossible Burgers are showing up everywhere beef does, receiving a meaty welcome on tacos and pizzas, and in bowls and baos.

06 04 gifts of good tastes 6
Make a toast to wellness with Bonta, a plant-based drink that literally bottles the delicious healthiness of the Mediterranean diet. Available in four flavors, each linked to a vital wellness component: inflammation, longevity, immunity or radiance.

06 04 gifts of good tastes 7
Gluten free 2.0: Hitting new peaks of gluten-free taste are Venice Bakery pizza crusts made with broccoli and cheddar or seasoned cauliflower; Wild Flower Bakery’s cookie dough; and Sweet Street’s Manifesto brownies made with dark Honduran chocolate.

06 04 gifts of good tastes 8
Buzz Pop Cocktails, a.k.a. adult push pops, are chef-inspired and crazy fun. They’re comprised of top-shelf liquors and seasonal fruit whipped into gourmet sorbet for a buzzy, boozy dessert. Keep the party going with peel and squeeze pre-formed Jel Shots, and Spoonable Spirits’ liquor-infused Nutella latte pudding shots and spicy margarita gelatin shots.