Waldorf Turkey Burger

Waldorf Turkey Burger


  • 6 Ounces Turkey Ground Patty
  • 1 Ounce Walnut Halves And Pieces Raw
  • 1 Ounce Yogurt Greek Plain 4%
  • 1/2 Ounce Mayonnaise Heavy Duty
  • 1/4 Each Parsley Bunched
  • 1/8 Ounce Juice Lemon 100%
  • 2 Each Apple Gala Extra Fancy
  • 1/8 Each Celery Split
  • 1/8 Ounce Raisin Golden
  • 1 Each Roll Ciabatta


  1. combine the yogurt, mayo, and the finely chopped parsley season with salt and pepper
  2. finely chop the celery ribs, and the walnuts add to mixture add the lemon juice
  3. peel the apple - with a mandolin julienne them not to fine should have about 1/2 cup add to the mixture
  4. add the raisins and reserve
  5. on a hot flat top brush the turkey burger with oil and season with salt and pepper cook on both sides for 4 minutes
  6. toast the ciabatta roll
  7. center the Turkey burger on the roll and cascade the waldorf salad on top
  8. serve with a side Balsamic baby carrots and straw berries