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Spicy and Hearty Breakfast Sandwich

Spicy and Hearty Breakfast Sandwich

A warm, toasty sandwich is spread with the classic  flavor of buffalo sauce, before being layered with  a cheese omelet, creamy melty cheese, and  crispy, smoked bacon. Served with roasted  redskin potatoes and a side of buffalo sauce.

consumer insight, rationale:

  • This new approach to a breakfast sandwich combines the popularity of breakfast all day with an on trend upscale southern sandwich.
  • Breakfast sandwiches are the #1 breakfast menu item across all of foodservice (Mintel Menu Insights Breakfast Category Report, January  2015).
  • With 7 out of 10 consumers claiming they want restaurant to serve breakfast throughout the day, this sandwich provides the perfect  menu item to go from morning to evening to  late night (NRA 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast).

daypart: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night
menu part: Entrée, Sandwich/Wrap


  • Brickfire Bakery Sandwich Baguette (17786)
  • Papetti’s® Omelet 6" Plain Single Fold
  • Natural Applewood-Smoked Bacon*
  • Sharp Cheddar American Cheese
  • Frank's RedHot® Buffalo Sandwich Sauce*


  1. Toast the Baguette, set aside.
  2. Warm the omelet to package directions.
  3. Cook bacon and set aside.
  4. Slice sharp cheddar and set aside.
  5. To serve, melt the cheddar on the bottom of  the Baguette.
  6. Top with the omelet and then the bacon.
  7. Top with the top half of the Baguette.
  8. Serve with buffalo sauce on the side.
  9. Also serve with a side of redskin potatoes