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Smoked Pork Belly Chislic

Smoked Pork Belly Chislic

Bill Frost, Director of Culinary Operations | Reinhart Twin Cities Region

What inspired you to create this dish?
Dish was inspired by the popular trend of traditional chislic combined with my love of smoked meats and Asian flavors.


  • 1 pork belly
  • Barbecue rub

Kale Crunch Slaw

  • 1 bag kale crunch blend
  • Pickled jalapeno juice
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Sugar


  1. Smoke over applewood for four hours. Hold at 200 F for eight hours. Cool.
  2. Dice pork belly into one-inch cubes. Deep fry for five minutes, then dust with salt and pepper. Serve over kale crunch slaw and drizzle with Korean barbecue sauce.

Kale Crunch Slaw

  1. Combine equal parts jalapeno juice, apple cider vinegar and sugar. Toss with kale crunch.


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