Pork Belly w/Green Apples & Brie Waffles

Pork Belly w/Green Apples & Brie Waffles

Chef Brian Funk | Shawano Division

Beef and pork are persona most grata on the heartier side of the breakfast plate, bringing the dynamic duo of eggs and meat into uncharted comfort food territory. The unctuous delight of smoked pork belly is well served as an ultra-satisfying spin on Eggs Benedict, with a cornbread base a la St. Louis’ Egg restaurant, where it reigns unchallenged as the most popular breakfast dish on the menu. Likewise, a rich short rib hash served with a pillow-like poached egg and a creamy horseradish sauce consistently tops the list of Washington D.C.’s best dishes, especially as enjoyed at the city’s Blue Duck Tavern. The boldly creative pairings seen on these pages are similarly crafted as signature dishes. Designed to capture the imagination of customers seeking a supremely comforting, yet distinctly original dining experience are recipes for a brie-infused waffle topped with a sweet and spicy apple compote and slices of chewy bacon, and delightfully tender beef short ribs surrounded by a savory mix of sautéed onions and peppers and crispy hash browns


Green Apple Compote


  1. GREEN APPLE COMPOTE: Cut, peel, and core apples. Melt butter and add the apples along with all the seasonings. Cook down slow and low for 45 minutes. Add brown sugar and continue to cook for additional 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Place on sheet tray and let cool.
  2. Bake pork belly slices in oven until fully cooked. Reserve.
  3. Warm green apple compote in saute pan.
  4. In a bowl, make the waffle batter, using the sweet pancake batter and follow directions. Cut and dice brie. Add to the bowl and mix. Spray waffle maker generously and scoop in batter. Cook until done. Place waffle on plate and add the green apple compote. Lay the pork belly across whole or broken up. Lightly top fresh parsley.