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Peas Come Back

Peas Come Back

RESTAURANT: Bad Hunter, Chicago
DRINK: Peas Come Back
CREATOR: Bar manager Joss Fossitt and head bartender Laura Kelton

"Formerly known as the "Riesling Rickey," this is one of the first drinks we put together for the Bad Hunter opening menu. Since we were researching and developing in the spring and summer, some cocktails didn't make the cut for a fall opening menu, and this was the one we were most sad to let go of ... hence the new name "Peas Come Back." Sugar snap peas and riesling are a pretty classic pairing in my book, so it made sense to capture the essence of spring and summer in a tall glass, with some really fun vegetal and floral notes. The rhum agricole bridges the gap between the peas and the riesling, adding a little punch to the drink and making it a great spring and summer sipper!" – Laura Kelton


  • .75 oz sugar snap pea syrup
  • .5 oz lime juice
  • .5 oz La Favorite Blanc Agricole Rhum
  • 2 oz Riesling (2008 Richter-Kabinett Riesling)


  1. Whip shake all ingredients with crushed ice
  2. Serve in a Pilsner glass with crushed ice
  3. Garnish with split sugar snap pea and a paper straw

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