Lobster & Corn Tacos

Lobster & Corn Tacos

Chef Kevin Nash, Eastern PA Division


5 oz mayonnaise, extra heavy

2 ea cilantro, bunched fresh

1/4 oz garlic, chopped in oil

5 oz lobster meat

3 oz Arbol chili pepper, dried

4 oz whole corn kernel

1/2 tsp dark chili powder

2 oz Cotija cheese

2 ea tortilla, flour

2 ea lime, fresh


Pick cilantro and add leaves to mayo and process until smooth in a food processor. Reconstitute peppers in hot water for about an hour. Chop and add to lobster meat. Shred cheese and reserve.

Roast corn until brown and add to lobster, peppers, juice of one lime and a pinch of salt.

Quickly brown tortillas in a cast iron skillet. With a spoon, spread cilantro mayo on the tortilla. Distribute lobster mixture on the tortilla. Garnish with cheese and chili powder and two lime wedges.