Grain & Greens Power Start

Grain & Greens Power Start

Chef Bill Frost | Twin Cities Division

The popularity of paleo, keto and Atkins diets has given rise to a new category of high-protein breakfast dishes ‘round the clock. Followers enthusiastically tout the often rapid weight loss, feeling of satiety and improved insulin levels experienced as a result. For real staying power, though, cutting carbs while also adding fresh fruits and vegetables to the mix, is the best move of all. Start with quinoa, a nutritional dream as one of the few plant foods that contains all nine essential amino acids, is packed with fiber, protein and antioxidants, and boasts a naturally gluten-free profile. Known as “the mother of all grains” since the days of the Incan empire, it’s become a 21st century superfood. Pair it with kale, called one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables on the planet, for its abundant quantities of vitamins A, K and C and another powerful dose of antioxidants. Now add a protein of choice, be it chicken, eggs, cheese or beans, and let low-carb alternatives elevate your menu to nutritional highs.



  1. Toss garbanzo beans with 1/2 oz olive oil and a pinch of salt, then bake at 350 F until crunchy. Cool.
  2. Saute carrots, red peppers and asparagus in remaining olive oil with a pinch of salt until softened. Add ancient grain /quinoa blend and banana peppers, heat through.
  3. Add arugula to wilt and transfer to serving bowl.
  4. Top with 2 sunny-side up eggs.
  5. Garnish with garbanzo croutons and sprigs of cilantro.