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Chicken Egg Hash Brown Skillet with Hollandaise

Chicken Egg Hash Brown Skillet with Hollandaise

Tyson® Chicken Boat™ Loaders™ served in a skillet  with crispy hash browns, cheesy scrambled eggs,  and garnished with rich hollandaise sauce, crispy  jalapeños, and diced tomato.

consumer insight, rationale:

  • The tomatoes provide acidity to contrast the richness of the hollandaise sauce and lend balance to the elements in this savory  morning dish.
  • Incorporating items on a menu that relate to the all day breakfast trend is a great way for operators to give menu variety to consumers  when it comes to ordering.

menu part: Breakfast


  • Bountiful Harvest® Shredded Hash Browns (24192)
  • Butter Sauce Base
  • Fair Meadow Eggs (L3384)
  • Katy’s Kitchen Lemon Juice (12790)
  • Culinary Secrets Cayenne Pepper (10508)
  • Culinary Secrets Sea Salt Fine Crystals (29346)
  • Tyson® Chicken Boat™ Loaders™ Snacks
  • SilverBrook® Scrambled Egg Mix (69170)
  • Tomatoes, Fresh, Diced for Garnish
  • Good Roots Cilantro, Chopped (14040)


  1. Preheat fryer to 350 degrees.
  2. Prepare the hash browns in a skillet or on flat  top with oil until crisp.
  3. Make hollandaise sauce: combine butter  sauce base and egg yolks (1 bag of sauce  per 1 ½ cups of egg yolk) in a large stainless  steel bowl.
  4. Set over a double boiler while whisking and  heat slowly to 145 degrees.
  5. Season the hollandaise sauce to taste with  lemon, cayenne and salt.
  6. Prepare Chicken Boat™ Loaders™: Deep fry  from frozen for 3 - 3 ½ minutes.
  7. While chicken is cooking, heat a small skillet  and cook the scrambled eggs. Add the  cheese and stir to melt.
  8. To plate, place the chicken on a skillet. Load  each one with crispy hash browns then  scrambled eggs.
  9. Ladle hollandaise over the top and garnish  with the jalapeños and diced tomatoes.

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