Cherry Bark Gin & Tonic

Cherry Bark Gin & Tonic

RESTAURANT: Coquine, Portland, Ore.
DRINK: Cherry Bark Gin and Tonic
CREATOR: General manager and co-owner Ksandek Podbielski

"It's crisp and refreshing like a good gin and tonic should be, but the subtly almond-like and floral aromatics and flavors from cherryblossoms make it a little softer and a little warmer for these still rainy days and chilly nights of spring." – Ksandek Podbielski



  1. Serve tall over ice, garnish with lime and a small budding cherry branch

Cherry Bark Tonic:

Combine all dry ingredients in a stainless stock pot, cover with 4 quarts of cool water. Bring to a boil over medium heat, turn off heat and let cool to room temperature. Add reserved citrus juice. Strain through fine mesh sieve and again though a coffee filter. Tonic will be cloudy. Carbonate as needed in an ISI canister and keep cold.

Cherry Blossom Syrup:

Dissolve sugar in boiling water, allow to cool to warm. While still quite warm to the touch immerse cherry blossoms in syrup, add lemon juice, and let steep until syrup is flavorful but not over extracted, roughly 1.5 hours. Too short and syrup will lack flavor, too long and syrup will finish bitter, vegetal and woody. The ideal note is a little floral, surprisingly almondy, and a bit fruity.

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