Black Friday Sliders

Black Friday Sliders

Chef Mark Smith | Reinhart Shreveport




  1. Grease a 9x13 pan. Cook the cornbread to recipe. Add sage. Add herbs and season to your taste. Cornbread is a blank canvas and will add depth to these sliders.
  2. Fully roasted turkey: Heat canola oil in a large fry pan and test for readiness. Then dry the turkey off and gently place into the oil. 375 F is always a great temperature to crisp the skin. This step is for effect.
  3. Grab the leftover cranberry sauce and cut a nice sized ring. Sauté it and frozen mango. Butter and toast 3 slider buns. Slice six ounces of turkey.
  4. Each slider will get 2 ounces of turkey, a scoop of your kicked-up leftover dressing, a drizzle of mango-cranberry sauce and skewer it. Serve it with a cup of gravy. Feel free to dip the turkey in the gravy before you assemble.