Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl

Chef Paul Young | Reinhart Corporate


  • 1 Ea Acai Mix Fruit Puree Traditional, 3.5 Ounce Organic Bag Frozen
  • 1 Ea Blueberry, 1/2 pint
  • 5 oz Banana
  • 2 oz Granola
  • 1/4 Ea Raspberry, 1/2 Pint
  • 2 Tbsp Honey
  • 1/4 oz Coconut Snowflake Shred, Toasted


  1. Break up the frozen acai and put into a blender. Add half the blueberries and half a banana to the blender. Add the honey and blend until smooth and is the consistency of a thick smoothie. Place the mixture into a bowl. Top off with the remaining blueberries, sliced banana, raspberries, granola and toasted coconut.

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