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  • VOL 08, ISSUE 01 • WINTER 2020
Put Some Meat On Those Greens!

Put Some Meat On Those Greens!

Six Great Salads Certain to Please Carnivores

Meat eaters can be greens lovers too, so it’s time to break out of the grilled chicken salad rut and cause some happy disruptions on your menu. Try some of these innovative ways to stretch your meat dollar with beefed-up takes on the traditional salad, featuring everything from a blackened petite tender to a braised lamb shoulder.

American Lamb & Berry Salad

Slowly braised American lamb shoulder finds its niche in mixed salad greens with raspberries or blackberries, toasted pecans, a large ripe avocado and creamy feta cheese dressing.

Blackened Steak Waldorf Salad

Sear a Cajun spice-rubbed petite tender and serve warm over a classic Waldorf-style salad with watercress, red and green cabbage, apples, spiced walnuts and roasted grapes. Stir in a creamy honey-cider dressing.

Beef & Coconut Noodle Salad

A marinated (fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar and crushed red pepper) flat iron steak is the main attraction, seared, sliced and tossed with cellophane noodles, red onion, jalapeños, fresh herbs and a coconut-lime dressing. Garnish with toasted peanuts and shaved coconut.

Steak Verrine

For a head-turning offering with real visual appeal, build this French classic in a tall glass using layers of tomato, avocado, mesclun greens, horseradish-mascarpone sauce and cubed, grilled beef tenderloin. Finish with cucumber ribbons, a few steak cubes and baguette croutons.

Steak & Egg Salad

The breakfast and all-day crowd will appreciate this mashup of grilled petite tender between roasted potato rounds, served with a poached egg in a nest of arugula and frisée. Drizzle it with a warm and flavorful mustard-based dressing.

Mezze-Terranean Steak Salad

Top a Moroccan-spiced chickpea, cucumber and pita chip salad with slices of harissa-rubbed grilled flat iron steak.

Carnivorous salad ideas from Beef Checkoff and the American Lamb Association

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