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For Reinhart customers, TRACS Direct is the industry leading online kitchen & restaurant management system. Use this tool to monitor inventory, store recipes, manage food costs, search for recipe alternatives, garner nutritional info, and so much more. TRACS Direct gives operators the option to input orders to Reinhart themselves, on their time.

The Art of Prep

The Art of Prep

These Automated Apprentices Work Tirelessly to Help You Create Culinary Masterpieces with Time to Spare

Your chef is your artist-in-restaurant. With the right tools and apprentices, the chef’s culinary creativity is bountiful. A well-stocked kitchen of time- and labor-saving appliances will keep the culinary artistry in motion while ensuring menu consistency, maximizing efficiency and delivering nutrient-rich flavors. Within months of your investment in these back-of-house preparation machines, your ROI will be realized in peace of mind, quality and labor costs saved.

From blending and slicing to washing and rolling, these appliances are proven food preparation experts and are ready to serve as your chef-artist’s best apprentices.

03 04 art of prep 1Electrolux TRK Combination Vegetable Cutter/Slicer/Food Processor

This all-in-one kitchen apprentice has won numerous international awards for innovation and high performance. The ingenious design makes the TRK very user-friendly, enabling versatile kitchens the opportunity to go from slicer to food processor in a matter of seconds. More than 40 discs are prepared to slice, dice, wavy or French fry cut, julienne and grate. And they’re easy in every way: all components that contact food are completely dishwasher safe, easy to change, and make easy, clean cuts on vegetables hard and soft.

03 04 art of prep 2Electrolux Vegetable Washer & Spin Dryer

Fresh fruit, vegetables and leafy produce must be handled with care, and that requires labor-intensive washing and drying to prepare the chef’s bounty and ensure a high level of food safety, without bruising or nutrient breakage. The electromagnetic device in this time-saving kitchen appliance can handle all the dirty work with three different washing cycles and two turbulence levels to keep your produce clean and dry. If sanitizing solution is required, a peristaltic dispenser is on board and every part is easy to clean and operate.

03 04 art of prep 3Robotcoupe MP450 Immersion Blender

From the inventor of the Food Processor, this immersion blender puts power into the hands of your professional to blend, puree, liquify, mix and stir things up without changing pots or mixing bowls. Dressings, mousses, soups, batters, sauces, pate and even a fine puree are works of art in the hands of the chef’s apprentice. Unlike all other immersion blenders, this model can be completely disassembled to remove all food particles and avoid cross-contamination.

03 04 art of prep 4Robotcoupe J100 Juicer

If you’re climbing onto the rapidly expanding juicing bandwagon, this is one of your best choices in juicers. Commercial kitchen king Robotcoupe is fairly new to the juicer market, but its innovation is paying off for restaurants around the country. Centrifugally operated, this machine pulls every last nutrient and drop of moisture from produce, ensuring you get the most out of every slice of fruit and cut of vegetable. Additionally, unlike most other juicers, the J100 does not require a single tool for disassembly and all components are dishwasher safe.

03 04 art of prep 5Doyon DSA336 Semi-Automatic Divider-Rounder

Dough is the artisan chef’s canvas and fresh baked bread, tortillas, pizza crust or rolls made-from-scratch are some of your restaurant’s most memorable creations. Keeping up with demand and maintaining consistency is paramount if you want critical acclaim without staffing an army of apprentices to roll, round and divide your fresh, signature dough. This DSA336 will take up to 6 pounds of dough and divide it into equal portions in seconds. The easy to exchange portion control units can be selected for 22 or 36 equal portions with minimal effort. Add a Doyon Sheeter to your line and your kitchen will be cranking up to 400 perfectly pressed pizzas, tortillas or pie shells every hour.

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