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For Reinhart customers, TRACS Direct is the industry leading online kitchen & restaurant management system. Use this tool to monitor inventory, store recipes, manage food costs, search for recipe alternatives, garner nutritional info, and so much more. TRACS Direct gives operators the option to input orders to Reinhart themselves, on their time.

Shiny New Toys

Shiny New Toys

We’re Wrapping Up This Season’s Smartest Finds

Make room for these newest tech marvels and ingenious inventions in your kitchen.

The Customer Experience

06 04 shiny toys soundtrackAdd another sensory must to the plate with Soundtrack Your Brand. We not only eat with our eyes, but cranking up music that reflects your brand’s values is proving to be a scientifically validated sales technique. An ambitiously large study conducted by the company concluded that a carefully curated playlist means increased sales in every category, from burgers and fries to shakes and desserts.

06 04 shiny toys multiplexAlso, Multiplex Freshblender goes straight to the experiential with a self-serve system for smoothies, shakes and frappes, allowing customers to create their own masterpieces in less than two minutes. All the refrigeration, ice making, blending, dispensing and digital controls are packed neatly into a slim, 20-inch-by-39-inch machine that dispenses hundreds of self-serves daily.

Quick Time

06 04 shiny toys marraThe Marra Forni Rotator brick oven is super smart with a deck that rotates around the fire and two forced air burners to bake pizzas in both directions in under 90 seconds. The company also offers an electric brick oven that allows soaring temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, cooking pizzas in 45 seconds, up to 200 per hour. For the build-it-yourself contingent, Forno Bravo offers modular kits with everything needed to assemble your own pizza oven, including a commercial-grade Premio2G.

06 04 shiny toys suzumoSuzumo automates the delicate art of sushi prep with user-friendly products that include a mixer for easily producing highest-quality “shari” (sushi rice), compact devices to cut, roll, sheet and wrap rice for sushi, and a machine that spews out up to 4,800 handmade-looking nigiri sushi rice balls hourly.

06 04 shiny toys astraAstra Shunsuke Peeling Machine, from Japan, takes the labor out of peeling; it’s programmable for nine fruits and veggies at different thicknesses.

06 04 shiny toys antunesAntunes Flatbread Toaster makes quick work of heating up the flatbread-pita-tortilla category. An uncooked flour tortilla at just the right temperature in a matter of seconds? Done.

06 04 shiny toys vitamixThe Vitamix Aerating container fine tunes the texture of emulsions, foams, whipped creams, meringues and other aerations without the need to puree.

06 04 shiny toys thermo worksThermoWorks, the acknowledged master of the meat thermometer, ramps up its own leading technology with Thermapen Mk4 Blue’s display that can be ready in any position, and in darkness.

On Display

06 04 shiny toys sturctural conceptsIf presentation is king, Structural Concepts Foodscaping Wells, an imaginative modular system, takes the crown. Plug and play with freestanding refrigerated cabinets that can be adjusted to multiple heights for an eye-catching display. When not in use, simply cover and use as a counter surface.

06 04 shiny toys genius panNo idle boast, but Genius Pan eliminates the time needed to freshen up prep lines and salad bars. The key is a threaded system that allows the bottom of the pan to adjust up or down in the well so food pans always look fresh and full. Pretty genius!

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