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For Reinhart customers, TRACS Direct is the industry leading online kitchen & restaurant management system. Use this tool to monitor inventory, store recipes, manage food costs, search for recipe alternatives, garner nutritional info, and so much more. TRACS Direct gives operators the option to input orders to Reinhart themselves, on their time.

A Preventative Measurement

A Preventative Measurement

Today’s restaurant POS systems data can be as good as video surveillance for preventing employee theft or tracking inventory loss.

The fact is, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 75 percent of employees have admitted to stealing from an employer at least once. In restaurants, employee theft can come from skimming cash sales, credit card information, stealing food or alcohol inventory, or simply giving away free food or drinks to customers.

Stalking your staff and surveilling every corner of your restaurant is not good for morale or time management. An up-to-date POS system, however, can go a long way toward not only flagging a loss, but can also prevent an inside job and track employee performance, while performing critical, real-time restaurant analytics.

“I use TouchBistro (POS system) to help streamline our front-and back-of-house operations,” says Charles Dampf, managing partner of the Birmingham, Ala.-based Fourth Earl Hospitality.

“To improve employee management, I use the time clock and track daily labor percentage, as well as the discount and void report, and the weekly sales target report. If there is a large void I am not familiar with in the report, I’ll research it to make sure it’s valid and there is no theft occurring.”

A comprehensive POS system helped Tom Marcellino, owner of Calzolaio Pasta Co. in Wilton, Maine, discover his beer keg cooler was at fault for a loss at the bar that he might have otherwise assumed was a bartending error, or theft.

“From the cover count report, I found I was getting only 90 pints of beer per keg when that number should have been 120,” he says. An onsite observation revealed that the bartenders were charging everyone, but “I watched the beer literally going down the drain because it was too foamy.” The solution: setting the cooler eight degrees cooler and cleaning the lines.

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