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The Food Halls Are Coming

The Food Halls Are Coming

From Fenway to the Financial District and beyond, food halls are making a splash in Beantown

Photo (above): Ella Rinaldo Photography

The popularity of food halls—the modern and more upscale version of a food court—has swept the country and Boston is no exception. A number of food halls are on track to open in 2019 and others, like Bow Market in Somerville, already have lines out the door. Sure, long-popular attractions like Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market and Boston Public Market continue to draw plenty of tourists and locals to their restaurants and food stalls (which, truthfully may be a bit dated), but the groups below make up the new guard. Let’s explore where you may get your next lunch or dinner around the city.

Food Hall: High Street Place

Where: Financial District/Downtown Crossing

Set in the bustling Financial District, this nearly 18,500-square-foot food hall will tie together two buildings: 160 Federal Street and 100 High Street next door connected by an outdoor atrium. It’s scheduled to open in spring 2019 with 22 stalls where local vendors will sell a variety of food for the business crowd. While a number of vendors have apparently signed on, none have been announced.

Food Hall: Time Out Market

Where: Fenway

Following the popularity of its Lisbon location, which opened in 2014, the Time Out Market team has expanded into the United States and will open in Boston in 2019 (along with Time Out Markets in Chicago, New York, Miami and Montreal). Many top chefs and restaurateurs have already signed on to populate the 15 restaurants and two bars inside the 21,500-square-foot space (with an additional 3,700 square feet outside) at the 401 Park Drive Building. Look for the teams behind acclaimed restaurants O Ya, Craigie on Main, Tasting Counter, Tico, anoush’ella and Union Square Donuts to start making lines for their tasty delights.

Food Hall: The Beat

Where: Former Boston Globe HQ in Dorchester

The numerous moving pieces associated with this project make it a little difficult to say whether it will open this year or in 2020. What is confirmed is that The Beat will be part of a 695,000-square-foot mixed-use project at the former Boston Globe plant. It will comprise a food hall, 100-seat restaurant, microbrewery with a beer garden and more. No vendors have been confirmed to date.

Food Hall: Bow Market

Where: Somerville

Set in a public courtyard in Union Square in Somerville, this ever-evolving enclave north of Boston and adjacent to Cambridge, Bow Market has room for 30 vendors, all local and independent. It’s a mix of restaurants, food vendors, crafts and more. Think of it as Etsy with food and a constant flow of people moving through it. Look for pierogis from Jaju, macarons from Maca, natural wine from Rebel Rebel, bibimbap from Perillas, vegetarian deliciousness from Saus and so much more. Not that you need many reasons to cross the river, but make this one of them.

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