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Surf's Up at Family-Friendly The Spot

Surf's Up at Family-Friendly The Spot

Surfboards, palm trees and tropical fish aren’t usually a combination one would associate with Vermont. But step inside a renovated 1950s gas station in Burlington called The Spot and you may feel compelled to grab a lei and greet everyone with an aloha. One of the city’s most popular family dining destinations for breakfast, lunch or dinner, The Spot boasts a nutritious menu sourced locally and food prepared without a fryolator or microwave.

burlington family friendly 1Popular choices for the little ones include cheese quesadillas or home-style mac and cheese with house-made béchamel sauce. Don’t overlook the huevos rancheros for breakfast or the locals' favorite, Indo Reef Dance, a seared shrimp dish with sautéed vegetables and tofu in a red coconut curry sauce. It just might lead to spontaneous hula dancing in the aisles.

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