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Recipes with Star Power

Recipes with Star Power

Rick Bayless and Emeril Lagasse Dish Out the Classics

Two culinary mega luminaries kicked off Chicago Gourmet in style, effortlessly leading information-packed demos that reminded all exactly why they remain bona fide legends. We watched, we marveled, and now we’re thrilled to share their recipes with Restaurant, Inc. readers.

Find links to the recipes at the end of this article.

An acknowledged pioneer of authentic Mexican cuisine in America, James Beard- award-winning chef Rick Bayless whipped up a batch of mole with an able assist from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

A Mole Moment with Rick Bayless

A spoonful of sugar: “Most folks who cook from a European perspective will immediately think of sugar as a crutch...‘sweet will make the mole taste mainstream American, sweet is used only to mask poor cooking techniques, sweet is for sissies who can’t take the heat and bitter.’ None of it is true. Adding a small amount of sugar won’t produce a mole that’s perceptively sweet, even when added to the savory version of this sauce. What it’ll produce is a mole in which the dried chiles play their fully flavorful role,” he said.

To serve with chicken: “Ladle the hot mole over the chicken, slide it into the oven and bake until the chicken is just cooked through, about 35 minutes. Classic Mexican white rice (especially if it contains cubes of fried sweet plantain) is the traditional accompaniment, although black beans are excellent with mole too. “Don’t put sour cream on top of this, a sprinkling of crushed peanuts and a few leaves of parsley are all that’s needed,” he advised.

Quadruple threat -chef, restaurateur, television personality and author - Emeril Lagasse kicked it up several notches with an extraordinary barbecue shrimp dish.

Barbecue Shrimp Breakdown with Emeril Lagasse

Using Cajun’s holy trinity of onion, bell pepper and celery, “happy shrimp” and good wine (“I only cook with wine I would drink”), Emeril dazzled the crowd with this recipe for a traditional New Orleans favorite.

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