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Macarena Carrillo

Macarena Carrillo

General manager/sommelier, Fooq’s, Miami

Why she’s one to watch

A firm believer in natural winemaking, not only does Carrillo shine as general manager and sommelier at Fooq’s, she’s also co-founder of Grape Crush!, a natural wine club.

Her culinary philosophy

“Be honest, enjoy what you’re doing and the rest will fall into place. I find that the energy you bring to the table is crucial in the service and performance you will provide. Moreover, be proud of the products you’re selling, and make sure [they] fall within your philosophy.”

One woman who has inspired her throughout the years

As a sommelier, Carrillo was “immensely” inspired by Laura DePasquale, a master sommelier. “What was so inspiring to me is that Laura was one of the few women who has the prestige of calling [herself] a master sommelier. I was inspired, curious and knew I wanted to learn more about her and this master court,” says Carillo.


Featured by The Vintner Project and certified by the master court of sommeliers (passing the introductory level)

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