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Liliana Myers

Liliana Myers

Head pastry chef, Safta Restaurant, Denver

Why she's one to watch

With an emphasis on desserts that are "very light and clean," Myers is creating her own spin on how we indulge.

Her culinary philosophy

"My culinary philosophy is all about getting the most local and seasonal ingredients and treating them with respect while cooking them. I work on a local farm in the summer, and it really helps you appreciate what goes into the produce you cook and not wanting to waste any of that hard work."

One woman who has inspired her throughout the years

Myers dotes on fellow pastry chef, Ghaya Oliveira, a woman who has inspired her for years. "She is an amazing technician and has a great way with mixing flavors and making them shine. I love her plating style; it is so clean and elegant," Myers explains.


Placed first in La Coupe d’ Altamira (Valrhona-sponsored chocolate competition) in 2015 and placed first and received people's choice in 2017.

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