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Erika Moore and Raquel Ravenell

Erika Moore and Raquel Ravenell

Mixologists, Parlor Cocktail Den and Whiskey and Rosemary, Atlanta

Why Moore is one to watch

As one-half of the Whiskey and Rosemary mixology duo, Moore is no stranger to collaborating with chefs, mixologists and other creatives.

Why Ravenell is one to watch

As the other half of Whiskey and Rosemary, Ravenell is conscientious in her mixology, given her awareness of what we consume.

Moore’s culinary philosophy

“My mixology philosophy is ‘if you think about it, try it.’ I believe that mixology is an art form and there is no bad idea. If the drink happens to not be palatable, try something else.”

Ravenell’s culinary philosophy

“Trust your palette; be open to new smells, tastes, textures, etc., so that you won’t miss out on a chance to experience something new.”

One woman who has inspired Moore throughout the years

According to Moore, her older sister’s “focus and persistence” has proven to be a worthy motivator. “We’re 15 years apart and I admire her,” Moore says. “She has a way to truly focus on what she desires and makes it happen. Procrastination doesn’t exist to her, and that’s what inspires me.”

One woman who has inspired Ravenell throughout the years

Ravenell turns to fellow beverage curator Shannon Evans for inspiration in her field. “Shannon Evans is one woman who has inspired me throughout this journey in the beverage industry . … She’s offered her advice and network with the purpose of just sharing knowledge and connecting like-minded individuals,” says Ravenell.

Moore’s accolades

Awarded High Museum of Art’s “Bartender of the Year” 2019

Ravenell’s accolades

Cocktails featured on Thrillist’s Gatekeepers series

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