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Country Fried Foie Gras w/Carrot & Ginger Puree & Pickled Blueberries

Country Fried Foie Gras w/Carrot & Ginger Puree & Pickled Blueberries

Appetizer Runner Up

  • Damascus Old Mill | Damascus, Va.
  • Johnson City Division

the Dish:

The Country Fried Foie Gras with Carrot and Ginger Puree and Pickled Blueberries is inspired by Wright’s love of Southern cooking. “Fried anything is great and I love Southern-style cooking. I just needed an acid to cut through the fat.”  Foie gras pairs well with something sweet, hence the pickled blueberries made with sugar and nutmeg. “It’s easy to prep, easy to love, and really teaches people how to use their palate.”

The creaminess of the carrot puree matched up with the chicken fried foie gras settles on the palette as the pickled blueberries slice through the richness like a samurai sword through butter.

Wright’s specials demonstrate his desire to carve out a most prestigious culinary profile for Damascus Old Mill. “I want to be able to offer cheeseburgers, absolutely, but also dishes like the country fried foie gras,” he says.

the Restaurant:

Yesterday’s hikers may have been content to tuck into a big pot of beans after a long day on the Appalachian Trail, but in 2016 they’re being treated to strawberry glazed salmon with tomato risotto and freshly baked sourdough bread at Virginia’s Damascus Old Mill Inn. With the progressive James Wright on board as executive chef, there’s no looking back.

With years of his own culinary travels and learning from talented chefs, Wright is bringing a brand new experience to Damascus diners – call it fusion cooking with Italian, Mexican and Japanese influences. “I like to pair flavors, not cuisines,” he explains.

So varied & different are the recipes at Damascus Old Mill that our Reinhart judges selected a full quartet of James’ inventive takes on fresh seafood entrees, earthy beet salads & super creamy cakes.

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