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Anna Henscey

Anna Henscey

Wine director/general manager, Papa Cenar, Chicago

Why she’s one to watch

Though Henscey has her hands full with newly opened Papa Cenar, which was featured on Chicago magazine’s “Hot List,” she plans to ultimately take her talents to the winemaking world.

Her culinary philosophy

“Wine has elements of science, culture and history, but it can be intimidating because people often feel the need to know a lot about it before they speak or ask questions. I believe that it is my job to create an environment where wine is an approachable topic by helping our staff, and then our guests, feel comfortable.”

One woman who has inspired her throughout the years

Not one, but two women in wine have served as Henscey’s inspirations in her career: Lindsay Pomeroy and Madeline Puckette. “Lindsay Pomeroy taught my first WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) class, and although she is a Master of Wine (one of 134 women in the world to reach this title), she is completely without condescension. … I’m so inspired by Madeline Puckette and her project Wine Folly,” says Henscey. “Her graphics are so helpful for anyone learning about wine, and I often use them in our staff classes.”


Reached WSET Levels 2 and 3.

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