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  • VOL 08, ISSUE 01 • WINTER 2020
Hot Shots in Music City

Hot Shots in Music City

Nashville’s Coffee & Tea Scene Heats Up

A city is only as good as its best coffee shops. Fortunately for Nashville, strong coffee runs through its veins. Coffee shops are where people go to hang out and mingle, and these particular spots know how to foster strong relationships with their customers. From local coffee roasters to hip shops, we’ve rounded up some of Nashville’s best.

Barista Parlor

Open since 2011, Barista Parlor has been roasting its own coffee from the get go. The original of the three locations in East Nashville is the coolest with concrete floors, a wall lined with garage doors and minimal decor. Fans keep coming back for expertly roasted coffee like Nano Challa with pineapple, golden raisin and red berries.


The setting for CREMA in Rutledge Hill is industrial but warm thanks to wood paneling throughout the space. When it first opened, the neighborhood wasn’t as bustling, but since then housing has sprung up around them. Even before the neighborhood grew, CREMA had established its presence by carefully sourcing coffee directly from farmers.

Frothy Monkey

One of the first coffee shops in Nashville, Frothy Monkey set up shop in 2004 in the 12South neighborhood. The venue originally served other brands of coffee, but in 2014 took the plunge into roasting its own. The reason why locals can’t get enough? Frothy Monkey really melds into the neighborhoods by serving dishes with local flair.

High Garden

Another East Nashville gem, High Garden is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Joel and Leah Larabell. Unlike the hipster-cool vibe of many of Nashville’s coffee shops, High Garden is warm and welcoming with quirky, eclectic decor. What really makes the experience is the tailored attention staffers give each customer, whether it’s helping them find exactly what tea they need or listening to the feedback the community has to offer.

Steadfast Coffee

Light-filled and warm, Steadfast is nestled in the Germantown neighborhood. It offers your usual coffee shop offerings, and some spectacular breakfast and lunch dishes, but what sets it apart are the unique drinks. Steadfast specializes in flash-chilled coffee and rested coffee drinks. This flash-chilled method involves brewing the coffee, then running it through a heat exchanger, locking in flavors and preventing oxidation. The rested method, as seen in Steadfast’s popular iced butterscotch latte, involves batching up the latte and letting it chill in the fridge. The flavors meld and the espresso’s notes are brought out beautifully.

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