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  • VOL 08, ISSUE 01 • WINTER 2020
Getting to the Heart of the Plate

Getting to the Heart of the Plate

From fish to filets, these proteins demand attention

Thanks to the progressive actions of prominent food advocates, farmers, culinary-focused television programs and more, your diners are more informed about what’s on their plates than ever before. They’re curious about the origins of the ingredients. They want classic dishes that have been turned up a notch or two. And they’re willing to step out of their comfort zones to try new conceptions.

That should certainly spark your creativity, getting the wheels turning on how to present more exciting entrees to your guests. To give you a helping hand, we’ve enlisted Reinhart’s own culinary artists, from Corporate Executive Chef Paul Young to those in the trenches in every region in the country.

They were up for the challenge—and in every daypart. For example, Chef Brian Funk (Shawano, Wis.) put forth his recipe for a breakfast burger, a grilled, six-ounce patty topped with a sunny side up fried egg, cheesy tater tots, pork belly and coffee-infused ketchup. That’s certain to give guests a jolt early in the morning!

There’s also Milwaukee’s Chef Christopher Holden, whose smoked flat iron steak & grilled peach salad combines summer’s freshest flavors with barbecue spirit. Now, that’s a perfect lunch treat on a sunny sidewalk patio.

And Demetrio Marquez brings decadence to dinner with one of his offbeat offerings. The New Orleans-based chef unites Southern and South American fare with his recipe for molasses-glazed short ribs paired with lobster and cabernet Peruvian mash. Oh my. Let the good times roll!

In all, Food Fight highlights almost 30 protein-focused recipes. Below you’ll find some particularly clever ways to prepare classic dishes with great cuts of meat and unique ingredients.

Photography by Dan Coha Photography
Food Styling by Susan Barrientos-Hevey

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