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The Art of Breakfast with Chef Christopher

The Art of Breakfast with Chef Christopher

Creating mini masterpieces at every meal comes naturally to former art student and executive chef Christopher Holden, now an integral member of Reinhart’s culinary team. When he started cooking at age 20 to support his traditional art studies, he quickly discovered his passion and talent for the culinary world. Continually learning from the masters of the trade, he served as executive chef at multiple fine dining, catering and club operations for almost two decades. “Cooking is my art form now,” he says, “designing beautiful dishes that appeal to the eyes as well as taste buds.”

Like all artists, Chef Christopher enjoys breaking boundaries and elevating familiar concepts to next level sensibilities. Breakfast foods are particularly ripe for this approach, he believes, with virtually ‘round the clock options. His take is comfort food with a twist, accessible, yet slightly surprising.

“I love pushing the limits just enough to raise someone’s eyebrows, like a gochujang eggs Benedict with braised short ribs, asparagus and goat cheese,” he reveals.

The boom in breakfast foods has been a long time coming, says Chef Christopher.

“Breakfast is one of the most important segments, but one of the least explored until recent years. People weren’t looking beyond the mainstays of eggs, bacon and hash browns, but now it’s being embraced as another creative outlet for culinary experimentation,” he says. Nothing too fancy, he cautions, but switching up the standard proteins with new ones (prosciutto for ham) and adding heritage ingredients and seasonings keeps it interesting.

He shares some of his restaurant and personal kitchen favorites on these pages, including a hearty, energizing avocado power bowl with sweet potatoes and egg whites; churro waffle (“toss a Belgian waffle in cinnamon sugar and top with whipped cream for an amazing dessert for breakfast that is a real hit with kids”); fruit crepes (“endless possibilities and they’re healthier than people think, using more egg than flour”); smoked salmon hash for a tasty twist from the corned beef classic; shareable breakfast pizzas, including a gluten-free flatbread; and chorizo brie breakfast sandwich (“just a few ingredients makes this handheld super easy to execute”).

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