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Spring Brunch Inspiration for Every Menu

Spring Brunch Inspiration for Every Menu

From updated egg entrées to the flakiest of biscuits, here’s what is hot this season.

There’s no off-season for brunch these days. Formerly a biannual occasion, it’s now an every-weekend indulgence for consumers with disposable income and time. But they expect more than fried eggs with weak mimosas. Operators lure them with plant-based entrees, gluten-free treats and platings worthy of an Instagram story.

Eggs, ready for their close-up

Instagram culture seemingly never tires of #yolkporn, even while other animal-based proteins fall out of favor. Media-savvy chefs are promoting egg dishes that haven’t been posted literally five million times before, really playing up the incredible edible’s compelling visual characteristics.

“The sunny-side up egg that tops our [signature] brunch pizza is begging to be cut to create the coveted Instagram stories moment, when the yolk runs over the house-made maple-sage sausage, bacon and potatoes,” describes Annie Tucker, director of marketing for Jones Assembly in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Gluten-free sweets

Gluten-free bread can be tricky to master, but now that even IHOP has jumped aboard the bandwagon, it’s time for your kitchen team to get familiar with almond flour, buckwheat and beyond. Or, you can do something puddingy, like the grilled stone fruits with ube-flavored yogurt served at Sunda in Chicago.

Plant-based offerings in every section

Plant-based brunch entrees used to be maybe a couple of entrée salads, yogurt and granola offerings. Not anymore. Guests want plant-based options everywhere, from starters to center of the plate to sandwiches. Some menus lean into savory, like the fried broccoli baffle with cashew aioli at Café Rule in Hickory, N.C. Others go the “dessert for brunch” route, like a hazelnut & cacao breakfast cake from lou in Nashville.

Biscuits and anything but gravy

While Southerners understand the simple perfection of a freshly baked biscuit, the rest of the country typically plunks one into a bowl of sausage gravy and prices it like a side dish. In so doing, you’re missing a lot of business from people who do not like cream gravy. Just ask Dallas-area mini-chain The Biscuit Bar. It boasts every biscuit variance, from a Philly cheesesteak to vanilla French toast.

“Everything’s better on a biscuit!” exclaims owner Janie Burkett. “We break all the rules when it comes to biscuits, and we serve them all day and night.”

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