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Sans Bar Concept Leads Spirit-Free Cocktail Revolution

Sans Bar Concept Leads Spirit-Free Cocktail Revolution

Owner Chris Marshall joins #restaurantinc podcast to discuss how ‘sober curious’ movement is more than a trend

Like many people who’ve clocked time in the hospitality industry, Chris Marshall was an avid social drinker. But for him, those social drinking occasions typically turned into nights of binge drinking, which eventually turned into an addiction. Once he sought help, and overcame his addiction, he realized there were more people out there like him.

With Sans Bar, a zero-proof cocktail lounge Marshall founded in 2017 in Austin, Texas, he offers guests a nightlife experience without the alcohol. And unlike some cocktail programs whose non-boozy options only consist of soft drinks, alcohol-free beer or club soda, Sans Bar features well-crafted drinks with fresh ingredients and innovative techniques.

In 2018 and 2019, Marshall took his show on the road, opening pop-up Sans Bar establishments throughout the country and in Canada. Cities included the likes of Anchorage, Alaska as well as Los Angeles, Nashville, New York and Toronto, where folks lined up to sample his drinks coupled with a trendy nightlife experience. And to date, there are three semi-permanent locations in Kansas City and St. Louis, Mo., as well as in Massachusetts.

On the latest #restaurantinc podcast episode, we talk to Marshall about the spirit-free cocktail revolution and how Sans Bar has played a significant role in it.

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