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Living the American Dream One Cup at a Time

Living the American Dream One Cup at a Time

An immigrant coffee shop owner reflects on 20 years in the U.S. on #restaurantinc podcast

In August 2020, siblings Jazmin, Diana and Christian Medrano celebrate their 20th anniversary of emigrating to the United States. Originally from Tijuana, Mexico, the trio in 2014 opened their two Brew Brew Coffee & Tea locations in Chicago; the first in the Avondale neighborhood and the second in historic Pilsen. They transformed the original location from a shady corner convenience store to a welcoming gathering spot for the community.

The Medranos designed Brew Brew to stand apart from the countless coffeehouses in the Windy City. Their venues reflect their rich Mexican heritage from the décor to the drinks to even the logo.

“We chose the ram as our logo as it is indigenous to [Tijuana],” explains Jazmin Medrano during a recent #restaurantinc podcast. “We landed on this imagery because it represents strength, determination and energy as well as reminds us where we came from.”

During their almost two decades as U.S. residents, the tightly knit siblings have endured anti-immigrant bigotry, and their Pilsen location was at first protested because its largely Mexican community assumed they were “gentrifiers,” Jazmin Medrano tells us.

That just made them more determined to connect with the community they serve. In addition to importing the cinnamon-infused chocolates for Brew Brew’s signature Mexican hot chocolate as well as coffee and other ingredients from Tijuana, they encourage area residents to use their establishments as places to relax and bond with other community members. They have also created a place where other Mexicans can feel like they're getting a taste of their native land.

On the latest #restaurantinc podcast episode (You can also find it on iTunes), we sit down at Brew Brew with Jazmin Medrano to discuss this hard-working immigrant family’s journey and how their strong sibling bond has helped them to succeed.

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