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Lake Superior Brewing Co.

Lake Superior Brewing Co.

This small-town bar specializes in big-time pizza

Marking the eastern end of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Grand Marais nestles itself along the lapping icy waters of Lake Superior. It's quaint all right, with a bar that will lend you a cup of sugar and hotel that will leave your key taped to the door if you must check in after-hours. Yet hundreds of thousands of tourists from all around the world flock here for the area's unmatched beauty and the famous pizza from Lake Superior Brewing Co.

Manager Natalie Warner and her kitchen crew slice, shred and saute fresh ingredients every morning. But what truly sets Lake Superior apart is its homemade dough, yielding an airy crust with great chew, yet a bottom crisp enough to hold its own under all those toppings.

The secret?

"It's our delicious water that we have here," reveals Warner. "It makes the best dough and the best beer as well!"

The dough even plays a second role as the community's favorite treat during Halloween, when Warner fries miniature doughnut she rolls in her "super-secret doughnut sauce."

Still, traditional toppings reign supreme at LSBC. The Rock Hound comes so loaded with thick, hand-sliced ham, pepperoni and snappy slices of vegetables, almost no one eats it without a fork. Of course, the handfuls of freshly shredded cheese might have something to do with that; it might even make diners reach for a knife.

So just how much cheese does this pub go through in a year? Warner crunches some numbers and laughs: Half a measured ton of mozzarella; not to mention 11,500 pounds of flour.

Not bad for a town that doesn't even have a stoplight.

LSBC's secrets to success: freshly hand-sliced ingredients, dough made with pristine Lake Superior water and lotsa mozza.

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