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Italian Roots

Italian Roots

Sorbillo Pizzeria brings old Naples to New York

It’s merely a cliché for most restaurants, but New York pizza lovers really are in for a culinary journey when they step through the door at Sorbillo NYC. Open since 2017, it’s the first U.S. branch of the original Sorbillo, which started in the old historic center of Naples, Italy, nearly 85 years ago and remains there today.

Authenticity is at the heart of the restaurant, according to pizzaiolo and co-owner Gino Sorbillo. Yet not everything will be familiar to stateside diners. For one thing, all the pies are served uncut.

"Neapolitan pizza has a light and airy crust that makes it easy to fold and eat, so we serve our pizzas uncut to allow our guests to eat them just as Italians would,” Sorbillo says.

While the round pies do well, New Yorkers can’t get enough of Sorbillo’s fried pizza, an indulgent take on the baked calzone that’s an ideal takeout item.

“In addition to our Neapolitan pies, we serve pizza fritta, or fried pizza, which is very popular in Italy and people are able to eat it on the go," he says.

Whatever form they’re in, every item on the menu is bursting with Italian ingredients, from the tomatoes and olive oil to its mozzarella di bufala and Calabrian hot spreadable salami.

Sorbillo’s calzone pizza brings a Neapolitan specialty stateside, wrapping its incredible dough around flavorful fillings that include fresh mozzarella & San Marzano tomatoes.

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