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Fired Up

Fired Up

The Pizza Loves Emily group breaks the rules

“Above all, pizza should be fun,” says Emily Hyland. As the co-owner, along with her husband, Matt Hyland, of the Pizza Loves Emily restaurant group, she should know. Since the couple launched the original Emily in Brooklyn in 2014, they’ve grown their own mini pizza empire in one of the world capitals of pizza.

The secret, she says, is a firm command of the fundamentals combined with a willingness to break from tradition. The combination can be tasted in the Colony pizza, an homage to the renowned hot-oil topped pizzas of Stamford, Connecticut’s Colony Grill. It’s available as a round Neapolitan pie at Emily restaurants and in rectangular Detroit style at Emmy Squared locations.

“The Colony pizza is the fan favorite, the staff favorite, and our number one selling pizza,” Hyland says. “It’s topped with pepperoni, pickled chili, and honey, so you get this amazing trifecta of salty, spicy and sweet that’s so great in pizza form.”

"There’s no right and wrong with pizza. It’s whatever you like."

She noted that some frequent guests give it a little twist. “We have a few regulars, and the real money move for them is to order that pie but request vodka sauce instead of the regular sauce so it’s extra decadent,” she says.

The Colony Special, featuring black garlic, is currently in development and should hit the menu soon.

The winning triple play of flavor at Emily Loves Pizza: salty pepperoni, spicy pickled chili and sweet honey.