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Chef Whips Up Bar Fare with a Dash of Pizzazz

Chef Whips Up Bar Fare with a Dash of Pizzazz

Chef Melva Jarvis joins the #restaurantinc podcast for a chat—with her 24K Wings in tow

An up-and-comer who came in as a finalist on Guy Fieri’s “Grocery Games” on Food Network, chef Melva Jarvis is the executive chef at Chicago’s Play Kitchen & Cocktails. It’s the type of place where a budding young culinary star can cut her teeth in a kitchen, and Jarvis’ menu proves that nothing is off limits.

The hybrid restaurant/nightclub/sports lounge serves familiar bar fare with a dash of pizzazz. For example, Jarvis’ signature 24K wings are smoked, with real gold flakes cooked into the bourbon barbecue sauce. There’s also the surf and turf burger, comprised of two grilled patties and lobster tail on a toasted buttered bun. Finally, her dessert menu harks back to childhood with her take on the classic Cinnabon. Dubbed the “Cinabun Melt,” it’s a fried, crispy cinnamon bun topped with rum caramel sauce, toasted candied walnuts and vanilla ice cream.

With a menu like that—which is steadily catching on with late-night revelers—you know we had plenty to discuss during a recent #restaurantinc podcast. You’ll find it below, plus her well-guarded recipe for the 24K wings:

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