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Chef Julius Russell and His Philosophy on Food

Chef Julius Russell and His Philosophy on Food

We chat with the Tale of Two Chefs owner during latest Restaurant Inc. podcast.

When it comes to personalities, Chef Julius Russell’s is larger than life. It sometimes overshadows some of the A-List stars for whom he caters, but he will let you know immediately that it’s his full intention to give his food the spotlight.

Chef Julius’ catchphrase, in fact, “The Food You Want,” is an enticing calling card for his Chicago-based business, A Tale of Two Chefs, a full-scale catering company and pop-up restaurant concept. His cuisine is global in scope, with French, Cajun/Creole, Latin American and Caribbean influences. When Chef Julius puts his personal stamp on a dish, such as this recipe below for duck confit crostini, it develops a personality of its own. He’s also a grill master and sauce king, which he discussed in an article in the summer 2019 issue of Restaurant Inc.

We sit down and talk to him about his exciting business and food philosophy during the latest Restaurant Inc. podcast at Passion House Coffee.

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