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A Danish Dream

A Danish Dream

#Restaurantinc podcast features Elske chef/owner David Posey

Photo: Galdones Photography

It would be accurate to label Chicago’s famed Blackbird restaurant a star maker. In its 20-year history, it’s catapulted the careers of spirits expert Lynn M. House, chef/restaurateur Erling Wu-Bower and pastry chef Dana Cree. And after a nine-year stint at the New American gem, chef de cuisine David Posey flew the coop in 2015 to pursue his own culinary vision. With Elske, a chic Chicago restaurant he owns with his wife, Anna, Posey interprets classic Scandinavian cuisine on his own terms.

Their menu consists of hearty dishes like smoked carrots with soft scrambled eggs; culurgiones, or dumplings, stuffed with smoked mozzarella and potato; and house-made schnapps infused with seasonal flavors like pear, smoked apple or maitake mushroom. It’s a menu that’s garnered them a Michelin star two years in a row.

On this #restaurantinc podcast episode (You can also listen to the #restaurantinc podcast on iTunes), we sit down with Chef Posey to discuss his impressive culinary career, how his rich Danish heritage inspired him to open Elske and more.

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