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The Rite Place

The Rite Place

All in the Family

Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Rite Place has been keeping it real for more than 38 years in the heart of Green Bay’s comfort food belt.

It was established and operated by the Van Rite family since they bought an existing neighborhood bar when Julie Van Rite was only nineteen years old. A few years later, they added a kitchen to the small establishment and immediately gained a local following. Then a supper club space to seat 200 was added to The Rite Place’s evolving popularity as a home away from home for hungry families. Over the years, the Rite Place has endured a major flood and a complete remodel but still brings diners in with home cooking and a family-first experience.

Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, The Rite Place is THE place for families and neighbors to comfortably gather around beloved homemade food. It’s also a true family affair with all their children, nieces, sisters and in-laws involved.

van rites“It feels like home for many of our customers,” explains Julie Van Rite, Jerry’s wife. “We always have at least one family member on duty at all times to welcome our customers and we never let anyone sit alone, unless they want to, of course.”

The Rite Place staff of servers are trained to interact with customers and personalize the experience, according to Van Rite. “If anyone comes in alone, our servers are encouraged to engage them in conversation and introduce them to another group of diners and help them feel at home.”

Besides serving up an attentive and comfortable family atmosphere, The Rite Place is the place for daily specials, which always includes three homemade soups, Chili and Chicken Booyah. The Rite Place keeps it fresh with daily specials like Mexican Night and Baked Chicken, while maintaining a reliable rotation of favorites such as hand-pressed burgers on Mondays for $1.25 and the always-popular Friday Fish Fry.

“When we started we didn’t have a lot of experience,” Van Rite explains. “Fortunately we have been with Reinhart just about since the beginning and they are also like family; they have pitched in and helped us so much. Anything we need for our recipes, they find it.”

Entrenched in their community and known for their accommodating spirit, The Rite Place is also a destination for family celebrations and milestones. Wedding rehearsal dinners, showers, anniversaries, corporate events are always on the menu in the banquet space which can accommodate up to 300 people, or be divided for more intimate parties. The Rite Place proudly advertises menu flexibility for events to allow for country style, individual menu ordering or any other combination.

“When a large party shows up at the last minute, it’s all hands on deck, and that includes me too,” Van Rite says. “I love what I do and we will always make it work.”

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