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Bob’s Diner, Pittsburgh

Bob’s Diner, Pittsburgh

It's all about the Bacon!

Listening to Bob Marshall talk about his love for diners conjures up visions of a famous Norman Rockwell painting. Growing up, Bob loved to sit at the counter with his dad, and watch the soda jerk mixing a milkshake or the cooks flipping burgers. He enjoyed the camaraderie and friendly service. He also developed an early passion for cooking, which he learned at his mother’s side.

After climbing the corporate ladder for many years — and seeking out diners as he traveled the country on business — Marshall decided in1999 to open his very own eatery, and named it Bob’s Diner. Fast- forward to 2015, and Marshall has developed his own little diner dynasty, with locations in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

It’s All about the Bacon ... and Eggs, Pancakes, Meatloaf, Stuffed Pork Chops and Root Beer Floats

“I owe my success to serving great bacon,” Marshall said. “Actually, while I do insist upon good bacon, I have always chosen my locations carefully. Food has to be the first point; friendly, prompt service is second; then location. Folks in Pennsylvania grew up with diners. They bring back memories of home and comfort — the friendly atmosphere, the smells, the sounds, the family culture. That’s what I love about diners. It’s nostalgia, mixed with good food, and friendly chatter. Plus, there’s no dress code.”

Bob’s Diner serves breakfast all day long, and Bob Marshall has been known to give people a dollar bill, just for eating an entire stack of pancakes. Other diner mainstays on the menu include corned beef hash, country- fried steak, liver and onions, burgers and fries and milkshakes.

"It's Nostalgia, mixed with good food, and friendly chatter. Plus, there's no dress code."

Marshall has made many friends in the Pittsburgh area since he opened that first diner. He makes sure each guest feels as welcome as he and his dad did years ago. He passed his passion for food on to his daughter, Claire, who is a registered dietician and health coach for UPMC. The duo stars in their own radio show each week, “The Bob’s Diner Show” on KQV Radio. “We chat about food, nutrition and the local dining scene. Listeners enjoy the show, and Claire and I get the chance to connect each week.”

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