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Leading by Example

Leading by Example

From renewable energy to taking a no-plastic pledge, these 5 major companies are embracing the supply chain.

BlackRock—the world’s largest investment firm—released its annual letter in January to CEOs with a direct call to action. Its top priority? According to the letter, BlackRock will immediately cease investments in companies that “present a high sustainability-related risk.”

With that, companies can no longer brush off sustainability's importance. Yet, several global companies have already led the charge with creative (and cool) initiatives. Let's take a look at some of the most notable examples.

08 02 lead by example coke
The Coca-Cola Co.: Sustainability? No Sweat

That world-renowned red bottle has dedicated part of its sustainability efforts to branded fashion. The Coke Store sells hoodies that are made of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent recycled plastic bottles. They promise superior softness.

08 02 lead by example unilever
Unilever: Turning the Tide

Unilever is committed to the plastics problem, particularly in the big blue seas, and is working with TerraCycle, a recycling company, to make product bottles that are comprised of 80 percent recycled plastic and 20 percent reclaimed ocean plastics.

08 02 lead by example pepsico
PepsiCo: Let it Shine!

Big companies have big power needs. PepsiCo announced a power pledge to be 100 percent renewable energy with wind and solar technologies throughout their global operations—at plants and offices. With their high energy needs to produce snacks and water, they are shining the light on their efficiencies.

08 02 lead by example boxed water
Boxed Water: Forget the Plastic

Ditch the plastic water for Boxed Water, and take the no-plastic pledge. That’s what Boxed Water is trying to do. The company’s 100 percent recyclable “boxes” of water, the company says, is more efficient to produce and distribute. Instead of reusing, they want to divert the potential 8.8 million metric tons of plastic that get tossed in the ocean.

08 02 lead by example patagonia
Patagonia: Whatever They Could Find!

The outdoor-clothing company offers a fleece made of 100 percent recycled polyester materials: reclaimed soda bottles, recycled waste and other recycled clothes. They also use ocean plastics for rain jackets and have since the 1990s. They’ll make clothes out of anything these days!

08 02 lead by example bagel
Into the Deep

Original Bagel Company’s Dave Harris took his family to Cancun for the holidays. When he decided to snorkel a reef he had SCUBA dove decades ago, he thought it’d be a stellar experience for the clan. What he didn’t expect was the snorkeling guide’s “lecture” to the group about the depleted reef life, a sad reality.

“Seeing them then (30 years ago), and seeing them now? It is pretty staggering. And depressing,” Harris says.

Harris took to the real-life impact of a personal experience, leaving him with motivation and inspiration for his company’s sustainability efforts.

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