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Legacy 72 by Eagle Ridge

Legacy 72 by Eagle Ridge

A History of Center of Your Plate Needs

Legacy 72

Legacy 72™ by Eagle Ridge® takes the trusted heritage of Eagle Ridge a step further, delivering the pinnacle of specialty meats and custom cuts offered under the Eagle Ridge name.

This elevated brand is the result of the creative drive of our top chef partners, combined with Reinhart’s legacy of delivering the highest craft of butchery from our founding days. For chefs who expect no less than culinary distinction at the center of the plate – Legacy 72 is how you Make Your Mark.

Named for the year Reinhart was founded as a trusted meat supplier, Legacy 72™ represents the absolute best of what we provide under the Eagle Ridge® brand.

  • Pinnacle of the Eagle Ridge Cut Steak/COP program
  • Superior tenderness and natural flavor
  • Specialty North American sourcing:
    • Prime
    • Upper 2/3 Choice
    • Upper 2/3 Choice Angus
    • Domestic Lamb
    • Veal
    • Top Tier Pork
    • Choice
    • Dry Aged Beef
    • Aged 21 days minimum
    • Specialty species and custom cuts


Here are highlights of the company’s illustrious history, excellence in food quality and customer service, and why your center-of-the-plate needs are its center of focus.


Dakota City, Neb.-based plant opens (before it was utilized by Eagle Ridge).


Reinhart Foodservice opens its door through the purchase of Peters Meat company. The first six salesmen were butchery experts. They asked if they could ship some food service products out of D.B. Reinhart's warehouse and he agreed. Reinhart Institutional Foods was born.


Reinhart USDA Inspected Processing Center is one of the first meat centers in North America to be approved by the USDA for its Total Quality Control Program.


Mr. Reinhart passes away and his wife Marge becomes the final decision maker for the company.


Marge Reinhart felt the company no longer only serviced institutions and it was more of a broad line food distributor. The company changed its name to Reinhart Foodservice. The brand on the meat boxes changed from Reinhart Institutional Foods to Reinhart Foodservice as well.


Eagle Ridge launches. It's a quirky story how this came to be and why the Eagle Ridge brand was created. Around 2004, product recalls were becoming commonplace. Though Reinhart was not a food label, it did not want to be mistaken for one if the trucks were seen backing out of a restaurant. Thus, Eagle Ridge is born and named after an eagle statue that Mr. Reinhart built in downtown La Crosse, Wis., dedicated to the employees who helped him build his company.


Congratulations! Reyes Holdings purchases Reinhart Foodservice.


La Crosse Eagle Ridge facility introduces Lactic Acid Intervention to enhance its food safety program.


Happy birthday! Eagle Ridge La Crosse Meat Department turns 40!


Eagle Ridge rebrands into three tiers: Eagle Ridge Legacy 72, USDA prime and upper two-thirds choice; Eagle Ridge, USDA choice and select; and Eagle Ridge prepared, anything that’s value-added or marinated.

Along with rebranding Eagle Ridge, Reinhart partners with 10 family-owned suppliers to produce Eagle Ridge products for expansion outside of the Midwest divisions.

Eagle Ridge Legacy 72 launches!


Eagle Ridge launches interactive center of the plate training to become Eagle Ridge-certified. The training contains eight modules with a quiz at the end of each one and a final cumulative exam. Once the test is passed, a certificate of completion is provided.


Legacy 72 Box Beef is founded, where whole primal is packaged for distribution in up to 80-pound boxes.

Eagle Ridge begins using Dakota City, Neb., plant.


With 450 years of combined experience between 47 employees, the Eagle Ridge team ... out of La Crosse Meat processing facility ... strives to “get it right” for all of their customers.


Legacy 72 has been a Premium Beef Brand since 2004, and introduces a new level of quality for their best cuts. Legacy 72 Angus Beef rolls out in Spring 2019.

Legacy 72’s commitment to the best product extends into their commitment to more sustainable packaging; new packaging is introduced for all Legacy 72 products.

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