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For Reinhart customers, TRACS Direct is the industry leading online kitchen & restaurant management system. Use this tool to monitor inventory, store recipes, manage food costs, search for recipe alternatives, garner nutritional info, and so much more. TRACS Direct gives operators the option to input orders to Reinhart themselves, on their time.

11 Apps Every Restaurant Owner Should Know About

11 Apps Every Restaurant Owner Should Know About

The number of apps created to assist restaurateurs is growing so rapidly that in the time it took you to read the first half of this sentence, a new app has probably launched.

Just like the rest, this new app likely promises all the features that will whisk away inventory stress, streamline organization, and make managing employees a breeze. All of that while ushering more customers through your doors.

So…can this hypothetical app do all of those things better than any of its predecessors?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But, we can give you a better idea of the ones that can. Here are 11 apps that can simplify your day-to-day, organize your front and back of house, and help make you more dough (pun intended).

1. AppSuite

Looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) program that actually rewards your loyal guests?

By tracking your guests’ order history and dining behavior, AppSuite can customize your loyalty program rewards to focus on your guests’ needs. But that’s not all.

AppSuite also provides you with surveys, gift cards, multi-channel marketing, reservations, and analytics. With all of this conveniently located in your Micros POS, you can easily turn your first-time diner into a long-term relationship.

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Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • Individualized loyalty app that meets your specific needs
  • Micros POS integrated

2. Foodspotting

When you want to take your search for good food to the next level, look no further than the Foodspotting app.

Foodspotting provides a positive restaurant experience guide that dives past the general search to answer questions like “Where can I find the best…” and “What is good here?” This app also allows you to check out other food lover ratings and get recommendations from your fellow spotters and experts. You can also snap pics of beautiful dishes and share them as you encourage your own guests to do the same.

05 04 11 apps 2

Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • Upload your restaurant dishes through your account
  • Find restaurants that you have overlooked

3. WaitlistMe

Ditch the blinking buzzers, name shouting, and waitlist clipboard with the pen that everyone steals to meet WaitlistMe.

This restaurant waitlist management tool is a simple and user-friendly way to efficiently manage your guests with text notifications when their tables are ready. Waitlist analytics work in real time to keep wait times short and your hungry guests happy.

05 04 11 apps 3

Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • Table and waitlist management
  • SMS text notifications when tables are ready

4. ChowNow

When hunger strikes, guests get food fast and conveniently by using ChowNow.

When you use ChowNow you can offer delivery or takeout options to make accessing your great restaurant, food, and chefs easy. The menu that guests access is on your website, Facebook page, or the ChowNow app. Options to customize orders will keep your diners happy. Receiving orders is simple and detailed and letting guests know when their food is prepared just the way they want is a breeze.

05 04 11 apps 4

Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • Streamline your online ordering process even with customized orders
  • Orders go through your restaurant website, Facebook page, or from the ChowNow app

5. TabbedOut

Pay your tab when you are ready.

TabbedOut is an app that is guaranteed to enhance your guests’ experience by accepting their tab payments from the convenience of their own phones. Guests can also split the check through the app so your server’s hands will never hold ten credit cards. The effect will be faster table turnover time and less tab payer traffic at your bar. This is a must use.

05 04 11 apps 5

Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • The time to leave is in your guests’ hands as they monitor their tab, split checks, and make payments via the app
  • Mobile payments integrate directly with your POS solution

6. Find Me Gluten Free

With the rapid rise of gluten free guests, restaurants can rest easy that their options will be known through Find Me Gluten Free.

This popular app allows gluten sensitive guests to find restaurants that can accommodate their needs. Providing this information could open your restaurant doors to a brand new customer audience.

05 04 11 apps 6

Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • Reach gluten-free diners that may have overlooked you
  • Hone in on a popular niche customer audience

7. Giftly

Looking for a simple, effective, and popular gift card program? Then you’re probably looking for something like Giftly.

If your restaurant can create it, Giftly can be used to pay for it.

More than being a convenient option, Giftly allows you to promote your restaurant to new customers, create the restaurant page that they will see, and secure promotions – all of this is easily done as Giftly handles the payments.

05 04 11 apps 7

Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • No need for POS integration
  • Sell Giftly in place of complex gift card systems
  • Gift cards available via email and text

8. eZee iMenu

The online menu is not a new concept, but the options to completely customize the experience your guest has is best handled by eZee iMenu.

With eZee iMenu you can customize your theme, menu, item modifiers and units, item search, and how you receive feedback. And did we mention that you can publish your menu for free?

05 04 11 apps 8

Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • Wide variety of customization
  • Another place for potential customers to find your offerings

9. RUBICONConnect

Rubicon Global’s customer app and portal provides a one-stop shop for all your business waste collection data. Through the RUBICONConnect app, restaurant owners are able to easily view and consolidate invoices for all locations, request additional pick-ups, pay bills, and directly contact customer support.

Restaurant owners and managers can also view their progress toward sustainability goals and share insights with customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

05 04 11 apps 9

Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • Unique advantage of on-demand waste pick-ups
  • Enhanced visibility into sustainability, insights, and savings opportunities

10. CellarTracker

How can you access over 2.1 million wines for your restaurant? Use CellarTracker.

Look over reviews, tasting notes, and personal stories before you make your selection to ensure that the wine you procure is the best fit for your cuisine and guests.

05 04 11 apps 10

Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • Easily read and respond to reviews
  • View and manage your chosen collection
  • Scan barcodes and track consumption history

11. 7shifts

As a restaurateur, you probably know that staff shift requests can run wild. 7shifts is an app that will wrangle the kittens for you, no matter where you are. While you are managing schedules and communicating with your staff, they can request shift trades, request time off, and access the schedules you create wherever they are.

05 04 11 apps 11

Features we think you’ll enjoy

  • Simplify schedule communication between managers and staff
  • Platform for enhanced transparency to schedules and shift changes

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