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  • VOL 08, ISSUE 01 • WINTER 2020
Beyond the Taco

Beyond the Taco

Celebrating the Diversity of Mexican Cuisine

Authentic to Tex Mex to Regional & Everything in Between

Mexican food has a lengthy and diverse history, which has caused it to mean different things to different chefs. When we asked our culinary experts to craft approachable, upscale and innovative twists on Mexican dishes, we got a ton of variety. And we weren't surprised. After all, Mexican cuisine varies greatly, depending on region, and the United States has its own far-from-authentic cuisine: Tex-Mex.

So while we do have a few more traditional recipes in the following pages of Restaurant Inc, like tacos and tamales, we also have a few more "modernized" takes on Hispanic dishes and regional favorites. For example, our tlayuda recipe is a favorite in traditional Oaxacan cuisine and, for simplicity's sake, is a take on a Mexican pizza. We also explored some truly unique dishes we think will take you for a whirl. Think grilled octopus with a lime, jalapeño and agave aioli. Enjoy!

Recipe Photography by Dan Coha Photography
Recipe Food Styling by Susan Hevey

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