• VOL 06, ISSUE 01 • WINTER 2018

About Restaurant Inc

Restaurant Inc, The Business of Food is Reinhart's quarterly publication created for our customers, suppliers and employees. Launched in 2013, Restaurant Inc isn't just like any other magazine about the glory of food. It's a robust collection of content, examining every nook and cranny that makes a difference in the success and failure of an operation.

Within our magazine, we provide trending insights that spark creativity and inspiration along with business solutions that help customers manage food costs, improve operations and market their business. Backed by our expertise in the foodservice industry, category experts and passionate writers, Restaurant Inc is a must-read, continuing to provide audiences with tips, tools and photography to fuel their success.

About Our Sections


Understanding that restaurant operators have complex needs in a competitive, fast-changing and always evolving industry, we provide a full complement of business intelligence to help them do their jobs better, more effectively and with greater success. Topics include marketing and public relations; industry data; labor; new revenue streams; managerial issues, industry, consumer, economic, demographic, cultural and social trends that effect foodservice; commodities and emerging concepts.

Customer Spotlight

Showcasing Reinhart customers in selected regions across the country, these profiles champion them while also sharing lessons in success with particular emphasis on menu strategies, operational insights, competitive differentiation, recruiting, retention and training; and business building.


In coverage that is chosen to be practical, useful and hands-on, this robust section will cover such topics as kitchen/back of the house, equipment, technology, site maintenance and design/décor.

Food and Beverage

As the centerpiece of every single restaurant in business today, food has trend-forward centerpiece coverage in Restaurant Inc. Readers are exposed to a full range of food and beverage topics as they relate to successful, well-balanced menus. Specific ingredients, preparation styles and methods, menu categories, trends shaping F&B and menu design will be among the areas of coverage.

Food Fight

Each issue, we challenge our chefs to tap into their creativity around a certain segment, style or food focus. From making comfort food more upscale to coming up with the next trend in burgers, our culinary experts don’t disappoint. Plus, we provide you with their recipes, food costs, inspiration and more.

In Our Communities

We provide an overview of the Reinhart market covered in that particular issue of Restaurant Inc. We’ve gone from Pittsburgh to New Orleans from Green Bay to Tidewater, and it’s been an incredible journey. Learn more about these communities in this section.

Vendor Spotlight

We recognize that many of our suppliers and other value-added service providers have a wealth of knowledge about their category, market trends and the foodservice landscape. Come and see what they have to offer!