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  • VOL 08, ISSUE 01 • WINTER 2020
3 Points Urban Brewery Offers Guests Triple the Pleasure

3 Points Urban Brewery Offers Guests Triple the Pleasure

Cincinnati’s tiny triangle-shaped neighborhood of Pendleton isn’t missing out on the resurgence seen around town. Unique restaurants have locals and visitors eager to scope out the area, and now another new business has gleefully emerged: 3 Points Urban Brewery, a fitting homage to the neighborhood with the richest brewing history in the city.  

Opened June 2018 in a renovated space that was formerly a silversmith shop, 3 Points is the first in more than a decade to manufacture beer out of the neighborhood that once declared brewing its staple industry. Still, in a city with already close to 60 breweries, they had to reimagine what brewing could look like. The approach? Art, experience and beer—and in that order.  

“We’re more like a neighborhood bar that happens to make its own beer,” explains Aaron Westendorf, marketing manager for 3 Points. “We wanted to be able to honor the neighborhood and be a unique space within Cincy.”

That meant incorporating Pendleton’s passion for visual art that has spanned decades. Bold and uplifting murals line the streets, and stepping into 3 Points is no different. Printed on an eight-foot-long interchangeable bar face is a summery vibe of flamingo pink and palm fronds. It’s local artist Matthew Dayler’s nod to Origami, the brewery’s bright, tropical-hopped flagship IPA.

Dayler isn’t the only artist displaying his work at 3 Points. Through their artwork, in fact, a different local artist tells the story of every one of head brewer Patrick Mulrey’s creations. Right now, there are 12 artists on tap.

“There’s a TV mural that rotates through all the (current) art,” says Westendorf. “You can sit there with a soda and watch art for 35 minutes.”

This is part of the appeal: Beer or not, the space is yours. They offer a bright, open coworking area, coffee and Wi-Fi for those who want to get in some work. Plans are underway to serve lunch and dinner as well.

“I don’t think we’ve left anything off the table,” Westendorf says, “to curate your own experience in this space.”

If you’re ready for that experience to turn into happy hour, a knowledgeable bar staff pours a diverse variety of session-able beers, but have no fear if you don’t feel like taking notes.

“If you really want to be a beer nerd about it, we’re there for you,” says Westendorf, “but we’re (also) set up to not be intimidating.”

Outside of beer, guests may enjoy a house-crafted kegged cocktail, or wine and spirits from 3 Point’s full-service bar.

“(We’re just a) neighborhood spot where people know what they’re getting,” says Westendorf. “There’s something for everyone when they come.”

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