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For Reinhart customers, TRACS Direct is the industry leading online kitchen & restaurant management system. Use this tool to monitor inventory, store recipes, manage food costs, search for recipe alternatives, garner nutritional info, and so much more. TRACS Direct gives operators the option to input orders to Reinhart themselves, on their time.

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Legacy 72 by Eagle Ridge

LEGACY72 Beef Logo

Make Your Mark™

With more than 75 percent of diners saying they are very likely to return to a restaurant because of a previous positive experience, you need to serve the best.

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Your table is no place for a mediocre steak.

Legacy 72 Angus Beef is produced and packaged in a single source facility in Dakota City, Neb. Our harvest and production facilities are strategically located in the heart of the Midwest to secure the best cattle available. Small family farmers and ranchers provide cattle to the Dakota City plant from across the region for the Legacy 72 Angus program. Supporting small, family-owned producers is paramount to our business, as is supporting authentic American agriculture.

Our History

Legacy 72™ by Eagle Ridge® takes the trusted heritage of Eagle Ridge a step further, delivering the pinnacle of specialty meats and custom cuts offered under the Eagle Ridge name.

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TRACS Direct

For Reinhart customers, TRACS Direct is the industry leading online kitchen & restaurant management system. Use this tool to monitor inventory, store recipes, manage food costs, search for recipe alternatives, garner nutritional info, and so much more. TRACS Direct gives operators the option to input orders to Reinhart themselves, on their time.

More to Learn

Recipes to Try


It’s no surprise to restaurateurs that diners want to try foods they can’t make at home. Seafood is one of those tricky-to-get-just- right proteins that everyone should eat more often. By highlighting chef expertise in preparation, operators can upcharge for seafood while hitting the “better-for-you” trend.

Suggest a charred Hidden Bay® sea bass fillet topped with a seasonal tropical fruit chutney and microgreens. By placing it on the LTO menu, operators can capitalize on the FOMO (fear of missing out) mentality and hook customers at the table. Take it a step further and suggest a promo hashtag for social media, with the most liked post winning a restaurant freebie like a cocktail or an app.

Dive into the seafood category and study the buying habits. The more Reinhart Exclusive Brands you use, the more it pushes up your bottom line. That’s invaluable.


Our Brands

hidden bay logo

A vast array of high quality seafood direct from the world’s best waters to your favorite recipe.

Hidden Bay® is the go-to for versatile, prepared seafood items that drive menu success. Hidden Bay means quality seafood – for every plate and every customer. It’s our expert handling and processing that makes the difference. From natural crab shells stuffed with real crabmeat to fried shrimp to heat-and-serve chowder, appeal and value are obvious: with Hidden Bay.

nautifish logo

Sustaining your reputation for the freshest seafood.

Nautifish® makes it a pleasure to serve the pure, fresh taste that lures repeat business. From hallmark lobster and salmon to the latest in-demand species, we take care behind the scenes to ensure quality front and center of every dish. Nautifish is anchored in the rich waters of New England. And that’s where we pioneered a traceability system that tracks down to the very vessel where the finest catches are secured. A system that improves every step, from handling at sea to our customers’ doors, in the shortest time possible.

Pantry / Grocery

In order to create fantastic dishes, it’s important to start with the most dependable bare bones. Prime ingredients matter.

The pantry staples from Culinary Secrets® provide just that! It’s all about consistency. When the kitchen gets hopping, reaching for Culinary Secrets off the shelf lets you know what’s inside will help keep everything moving smoothly, from prepping a house-flavored mayo to those final touches like toasted pine nuts or a drizzle of oil.

You have a variety of price points to choose from when you utilize the three tiered options within Culinary Secrets as well. When the price per serving and profitability needs to hit a certain level, the flexibility of the tiers helps you achieve those goals.

This category is value, dependability and quality all rolled into one.


Our Brands

bountiful harvest logo

Mother Nature’s Best.

Bountiful Harvest® products come to us courtesy of Mother Nature. After harvesting and packing, only fruits and vegetables able to satisfy our rigid quality and consistency specifications are set aside as entire lots for your exclusive use. Bountiful Harvest offers delicious frozen potatoes and French fries, as well as minimally processed produce in canned, refrigerated, frozen and dried formats. Our products provide operators with excellent shelf life and pleasing taste, making it easy to serve a wide range of menu items packed with nutritious fruits and vegetables.

culinary secrets logo

Behind every great chef are great Culinary Secrets®.

A trusted selection of food essentials that keeps the pantry well-stocked – and keeps you cooking your best. We negotiate with the most trusted producers on your behalf, unlocking the secret to dependable quality and remarkable value. Fueling your drive to create exceptional guest impressions. Keep the line moving, effortlessly, with Culinary Secrets. Only from Reinhart.

everfry logo

The “Ever” Brands…Delivering customer satisfaction and high performance through quality, while keeping nutrition and value a focus!

EverFry, EverLight and EverRich Brands: these three Ever Brands make up a family of premium fry shortening, pan coating, liquid butter alternative – all with trans fat free options. The Ever Brands family series provides high performance and yields, with the very best taste, appearance and overall finished food quality. These products are formulated to outperform similar existing foodservice products. For crispier, tastier fried foods, EverFry is the brand to choose.



If diners are going to splurge on food choices, it’s likely to happen when dining away from home.

This is the category to take advantage of that opportunity. Tap into our Exclusive Brand Brickfire Bakery® for more business-building choices: like an artisan breads & spreads shareable or paired with a whipped truffle butter in the breadbasket.

By finding just the right mix of on-trend ingredients, you can hit all those tasty feels with fresh-baked breads and indulgent desserts.

Fresh taste and convenience are two highlights in baked goods. From frozen and par-baked options to portioned cookie dough, cakes and tiramisu, you’re saving the kitchen precious time during the mad dinner rush. For operators with a smaller footprint or serving during only a few dayparts, these advantages really add up.

Versatility and variety. All wrapped up in our handy tools for you to offer to customers.


Our Brands

brickfire bakery logo

Your Bakery Needs, Delivered.

Brickfire Bakery® incorporates wholesome ingredients and traditional recipes to deliver raw, par-baked and finished goods that combine delicious flavor with operator convenience. From breakfast pastries to a variety of breads, cookies and other delectable upscale desserts, Brickfire Bakery covers every daypart with ease while delivering homemade flavor that drives guest traffic and loyalty. For great-tasting baked goods, let Brickfire Bakery be your in-house baker.



Dining out often means a celebration – and the beverage section of the menu is not one to skip. Whether concocting inhouse cocktails or hopping on trends like spirit-free specialty drinks and infused teas with funky flavor combos, drinks give operators an excellent opportunity to upsell.

Across foodservice and hospitality operations, you can use the tiered options available for both Rejuv® and Ridgeline Coffee Roasters® to customize the perfect beverage plan for any bar or coffee setup.

Crafted with premium beans for six different flavor blends, Ridgeline offers a distinctive taste for every cup. Use the case pack options from Rejuv to hit your specific profit goals, and you’ve got a beverage program that hits the spot in so many ways.


Our Brands

rejuv logo

Refreshing Beverages That Make a Splash.

Rejuv® provides refreshing beverage solutions to all types of foodservice and hospitality operations, from schools and healthcare to restaurants, bars and beyond. We offer popular juices in a wide range of packaging and dispenser options, plus bottled water – putting Rejuv at the core of a successful beverage program. Rejuv makes it easy to quench customer thirst for great taste while maximizing your profits.

ridgeline logo

Craft-roasted, real coffee.

Ridgeline Coffee Roasters® knows that great coffee is the result of passion and experience. Their Master Roaster has been creating the finest gourmet coffee blends for decades. Ridgeline provides foodservice and gourmet coffeehouses with a delicious selection that customers will savor sip after sip. Starting with premium beans, Ridgeline offers every customer a memorable cup of coffee.

trescerro logo

Premium, quality teas that are steeped in deliciousness.

Tea is so ingrained in world culture that it has become more than a beverage – it’s a time of day. Trescerro Premium Teas turn every diner counter, hotel hospitality basket and noshery into a place to relax and reconnect. With flavors wonderfully paired to your customers’ moods – our tea is ideal both hot and cold. Trescerro Premium Teas tickle the taste buds and allow for the satisfied feeling that comes with brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Specialty / Reinhart Direct

Gourmet & Specialty Imports

Gourmet Foodservice provides the highest quality, origin-specific products available, from Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and other regions of the world. Imported specialties include cheese, chocolates, seafood, meats & game, fruit purees, oils & vinegars, sausages, and more.

With the expertise of chefs and foodservice professionals, Gourmet Foodservice is dedicated to sourcing and delivering high quality products with an emphasis on customer service. It’s a virtual one-stop shopping experience for all of our customers’ high-end culinary needs.

To ensure freshness and quality, perishable products ship directly from the source (growers, artisan farmers, and fishing boats) resulting in a fresher and higher quality product.

Click here to see our full product list and order now.

Specialty Diet

The Reinhart Foodservice customer’s direct connection to a wide variety of specialty diet items and other select products sourced from a variety of manufacturers. No more waiting for weeks on “special orders”. Through TRACS Direct you have access to over 800 unique items that are not typically stocked in local Reinhart warehouses due to their small volume use or slow inventory turns. These items are delivered direct to your dock from Foodservice Express™, Reinhart’s partner for hard-to-find items.

Product selection includes many brand name products that are low sodium, gluten free, sugar free, low fat, low protein, kosher, halal, organic, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, peanut-free, tree nut free and appropriate for special diabetic and renal diets. We also supply adaptive equipment.


The essence of Italian cuisine evokes hearty, satisfying meals. A familiar comfort food, Italian fills the belly and it’s no surprise that it’s a mainstay on menus around the country.

From domestic pastas to those imported from Italy, pizza toppings, hard or shredded cheeses and olive oils galore, you have a full lineup in front of you. Dive in with them to a menu overhaul, and you’ll have a recipe for success.


Our Brands

roma logo

The standard for pizza and Italian restaurant operators.

Encompassing Old World excellence, Roma® boasts a vast array of consistent, high quality products that deliver authentic flavor — and meet or exceed demanding expectations. Tomatoes, filled pastas & Italian specialties, specialty & pizza cheeses, prepared sauces, meats and Italian desserts.

bacio logo

A kiss of Buffalo milk.

Bacio® is a uniquely crafted cheese made with Grade A milk and a signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™ for delicious authenticity and unparalleled performance. Bacio cheese is carefully crafted from premium ingredients for delicious taste, exceptional melt and reheat, superb stretch, and guaranteed quality that's unparalleled in the industry.

villa frizzoni logo

The Essence of Italian Fare.

Villa Frizzoni® is home to a family of enticing Italian ingredients that truly inspire culinary creativity. From the neighborhood pizzeria to the white-tablecloth ristorante, our versatile products fit the needs of any operation and encourage the development of signature dishes with ease. Villa Frizzoni features tempting products that have been carefully selected to reflect the heritage and flavorful essence of Italian cuisine.

Market Updates

American Restaurant Association Weekly Trend Reports

Reinhart Foodservice, a Performance Food Group company, part of Performance Foodservice provides its customers with market updates courtesy of the American Restaurant Association. Find out what's going on in the major food markets in these weekly trend reports, including beef, dairy, grains, pork, poultry, produce, seafood and various markets.

Center of the Plate - Top Shelf Meats

It’s the superstar of the menu.

From steaks to burgers, chicken or lamb, the center-of-the plate category offers the biggest opportunity to make a splash for a brand and a reputation.

Diners expect tasty proteins on the menu, and these proteins also greatly impact an operator’s bottom line. By choosing center-of-the-plate options from Reinhart’s Exclusive Brands, operators will find the best value and consistency for the kitchen without sacrificing quality.
And with our tiered structure of Reinhart & Performance Exclusive Brands, it’s easier than ever to find that perfect item for each menu.
Reach for the top shelf with an Braveheart Black Angus Beef® and Eagle Ridge® Legacy 72 steak that’s sizzling off the grill – it’s perfection achieved. Suggest a juicy Prairie Creek® burger paired with crispy fries and an icy cold summer brew. Find a favorite SilverBrook® chicken option to serve with house specialty pastas, atop veggie spirals or seasoned and diced for salad toppers. The applications are simply endless.
Whatever protein is featured, center-of-the-plate is crucial for operators to get right. Whether you already know the tried-and-true menu staples or are looking to explore new products, Exclusive Brands from Reinhart offer just what you need to fill the center of the plate. It’s all here!


Our Brands

braveheart logo

A cut above extraordinary.

Black Angus beef to satisfy your needs with a serious commitment to quality, consistency, food safety (traceability) and state-of-the-art processing via our exclusive PathProven® program. Black Angus cattle are raised traditionally in the Midwest and finished on local grains for superior flavor and tenderness.

eagle ridge logo

Your center-of-the-plate needs are the center of our focus.

When you serve Eagle Ridge®, your reputation is secured by our commitment to integrity from farm to fork. We are protein purveyors, skilled in sourcing and preparing the finest quality premium meats – precisely the cuts you need, exactly when you need them. With a heritage built on trust, Eagle Ridge brings the art form and craft of butchery to the center of the plate. We are your butcher shop. Expert consultants, impressive service. An unforgettable dining experience, every single time.

Leagcy 72 by Eagle Ridge

For chefs who expect no less than culinary distinction at the center of the plate – Legacy 72 is how you Make Your Mark.

Legacy 72™ by Eagle Ridge® takes the trusted heritage of Eagle Ridge a step further, delivering the pinnacle of specialty meats and custom cuts offered under the Eagle Ridge name. This elevated brand is the result of the creative drive of our top chef partners, combined with Reinhart’s legacy of delivering the highest craft of butchery from our founding days. Learn more about Legacy 72 Angus Beef

prairie creek logo

Great American Favorites.

Prairie Creek® is a trusted brand that includes many popular, time-tested meat favorites that make it easy for operators to serve center-of-plate lamb, pork and beef items such as delicious bacon, burgers and hotdogs. Prairie Creek delivers consistent quality and flavor across all dayparts, along with the advantage of added profit that operators can bank on!

silverbrook logo

Fresh from our farms to you.

SilverBrook® offers wholesome egg and poultry products produced to our stringent specifications that ensure freshness and quality. Quality and choice come together in SilverBrook. Poultry and eggs are perfect fits for every daypart – and SilverBrook offers dozens of options for every kitchen and every recipe. The lively new look and feel for this customer-favorite brand was inspired by beloved Southern “chicken joints.”


Plant-based menu items are all the rage in the current restaurant scene, and industry experts say that once a shift in consumer behavior like this happens, it’s unlikely to shift back. Bottom line? Produce is here to stay.

The opportunity is ripe to provide veggie product applications that can change up the menu and bring in new diners. Offer trending veggie items that will keep diners coming back, attracted by the freshness of the cuisine. Did you know that 47% of millennials and Gen Zers visit a restaurant specifically to order an LTO?

Quality is absolutely key for produce, and with the strict safety standards of both Peak Fresh Produce® and Good Roots®, you can know with certainty that you can depend on the growers and quality assurance from Reinhart & Performance Foodservice’s Exclusive Brands. From score cards to third-party audits, traceback codes and inspectors, it’s a job taken very seriously from field to delivery.

Power up those menus with plants!


Our Brands

Peak Fresh Produce Logo

Introducing Peak Fresh Produce®

As part of Performance Foodservice, we are continuing to leverage our scale by enhancing our produce program to benefit you. To further demonstrate our dedication to quality, we have transitioned our produce portfolio to Peak Fresh Produce.

Peak Fresh Produce is built around these four pillars to ensure that you will continue to enjoy great produce to drive menu success.
Learn more: performancefoodservice.com/PEAK


good roots logo r

Versatile, wholesome produce solutions … from the ground up.

Fresh produce is the heart of foodservice – and Good Roots® is simply the name to know. A hand-picked selection that’s vibrant, versatile, and irresistible to your customers. Perfectly ripened and nurtured from the ground up by careful growers. Meeting stringent specifications for quality and food safety, from field to freshest delivery. Rooted in healthy plants, for healthy people. From Reinhart.


Consistent delivery of eggs, butter and cheese are must-haves in every kitchen. If you keep these basics stocked on the shelves, you’ll be confident to depend on the quality and the value found in Nature’s Best Dairy® and Fair Meadow™.

With the convergence of food and health now trending, you can use menu staples like eggs and butter as part of a “back to the basics” strategy. Or, as the base for elaborate menu items incorporating these trusted dairy favorites. The rich flavor of dairy: creamy butter, sour cream and blended cheeses are the heart of feeling satisfied after a great meal.

Highlight simple ingredients such as the dairy used in a dish to encourage diners in the clean eating movement as well as to be transparent with the menu ingredients. It’s a stance that every eatery will benefit from – and you can capitalize on.


Our Brands

natures best logo

All-American made.

The best in high quality dairy products, from milk and butter to heavy creams and cottage cheese to eggs and ice cream—all sourced from dairy farms across America. A cold glass of milk, a scoop of ice cream, butter on a bagel—deliver a simple pleasure that’s simply more delicious with Nature’s Best Dairy. 

fair meadow logo

Simple Dairy Goodness, Every Time.

Fair Meadow® celebrates the heritage of local farmers with an assortment of dairy delivered right to your door. Delicious eggs, creamy butter and flavorful cheese are at the heart of our product family, demonstrating our attention to high quality standards. Fair Meadow brings the same simple, fresh taste of dairy that today’s chefs would expect from the farmers market, with the added assurance of availability and consistency.


Although they don’t get the most flashy press, supplies, cleaning products and disposables are the true workhorses of operations. Don’t gloss over their importance when crafting a budget and business plan for your operation.

Think about it – from the moment a diner steps into a space, they’re evaluating the brand and forming an opinion. Without the proper essentials for every task from cleaning and food prep to customer service, those judgements might be less than favorable. But a positive impression will last, and it’s likely diners will tell others. We know word-of-mouth is the best free marketing.

With tiered options available for ProPak®, ProPower and ProWare®, you can easily tailor the products you need at a value that makes sense.


Our Brands

propak logo

ProPak®...Provides the dependability your customers count on and the food safety they deserve.

ProPak products offer a multi-faceted line of foodservice quality disposable items that satisfy the important take-out needs of any operation, as well as provide the products necessary for daily storage and sanitation. All ProPak items are carefully sourced and selected for their utility and value. Look to ProPak for a wide range of product choices and price points that help you build a solid base of regular, satisfied customers.

propower logo

Has the right product to provide the desired results.

ProPower equips the foodservice operator with a complete offering of professional strength chemicals, janitorial and ancillary products designed for all cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Careful sourcing is the beginning, and quality assurance is the continuation, of ProPower’s promise of quality. Then comes a commitment to providing specialized products for every need, from deep fat fryer cleaner to quarry tile non-slip. You serve the best food, so make sure you present an environment for customers to enjoy their dining experience. From clean plates to sanitary restrooms, these impressions drive customer satisfaction and repeat business.

proware logo

Practical, professional products for preparation, cooking and serving.

ProWare® presents a quality selection of foodservice small wares and supplies for both front and back of
the house. Who cares about a dust pan? ProWare does. Every item in the ProWare lineup has been meticulously chosen to be of the utmost service. Here are just a few of the products available.

windscapes logo


Staples on the lunch menu include the convenience of deli favorites like Cobblestreet MKT.™ meats, cheeses and prepared soups. These craveable midday winners hit the line between hearty and healthy.

It’s up to you to offer ideas for menu customization: from seasonal favorites like cranberry compote on a turkey club or global infusions of Sichuan pepper into a chicken sandwich sauce, it all starts with these tried-and-true products.

And with the tiered options available through Cobblestreet MKT., you have an option for each level; from the high-end fast-casual to the more value-driven mom-and-pop shop.

Make building the lunch menu a no-brainer. Try the variety from Reinhart Exclusive Brands, while taking advantage of the ease and time-saving options available in the deli category.


Our Brands

cobblestreet mrkt logo

Deli Convenience. Contemporary Appeal.

The lights are on at Cobblestreet MKT.™ hitting the exposed, open air steel and woodblock countertops to throw a spotlight on the freshly carved meats and cheeses that await. Aromas of deli favorites waft from the kitchen and the unbridled basics of yesterday meet the nontraditional twists of today – be it the hearty trappings of a towering sandwich stacker or maybe the artfully layered snackable grab-n-go for those with only moments to spare. From the beautifully-browned roasted meats to the farmhouse and American classic cheeses, and all the accompanying comforts of a classic delicatessen, Cobblestreet MKT. serves food as it was intended to be served.


Take a glance at the appetizer menu offerings, and you’ll find much more than chips and salsa or a breadbasket. But some kitchens don’t specialize in made-from-scratch concoctions.

If you need a shortcut to great-tastings appetizers, or want to serve bar favorites like onion rings, cheese sticks, breaded veggies or stuffed jalapeños, you’ve got an easy solution with Intros®! They’re all pre-portioned and prepped and absolutely convenient and labor-saving.

There’s still plenty of room to play with premade appetizers. From sauces and accompaniments to dips or burger toppings, it’s a category that’s only limited in your imagination!


Our Brands

intros logo 2018

Where Fun and Great Taste Meet.

Intros® offers a wide variety of crowd-pleasing appetizers that drive customer loyalty. Enhance the dining experience with a delicious assortment of classic favorites, popular ethnic varieties and on-trend hors d’oeuvres. Convenient, labor-saving Intros add craveable appeal to any menu, catering opportunity or event – sure to delight your patrons!


Mexican cuisine has gone mainstream in the U.S., and diners typically expect to see a south-of-the-border dish with a popular flavor profile on the menu.

Whether you research clever spins on tacos or add a queso fundido dip to the starter menu, you can reach for the San Pablo® exclusive brand to show that you understand the importance of authentic Mexican cuisine.

When you’re trying to source ingredients that capture the heritage of Mexican and Latin flavors, these products offer quality, convenience and consistency.


Our Brands

san pablo logo

South of the Border authenticity with consistency and maximum value.

With flavors that tell the story of a rich and beautiful culture, San Pablo® inspires chefs to create something new and unique. It’s a brand of ingredients that offers freedom: to create traditional Mexican dishes, Tex-Mex favorites, Mexican-inspired creations or fun twists on typical American dishes. San Pablo brings the best of timeless ingredients to a new era of cooking.