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For Reinhart customers, TRACS Direct is the industry leading online kitchen & restaurant management system. Use this tool to monitor inventory, store recipes, manage food costs, search for recipe alternatives, garner nutritional info, and so much more. TRACS Direct gives operators the option to input orders to Reinhart themselves, on their time.

Solutions for Effective Training & Easy Scheduling

Solutions for Effective Training & Easy Scheduling

Critical duties of a foodservice manager’s job description

Training and scheduling are two of the most critical duties on a foodservice manager’s job description. Yet, often these functions are not given the attention they deserve – or that employees deserve.

Take training new servers, for instance. Often, restaurants provide the very first job for kids who are still in school. They haven’t developed the moxie and maturity to fake it till they make it. They have no frame of reference to even know what questions to ask their supervisor. Inadequate training leads to frustration, heavy turnover and customer dissatisfaction. When you really think about it, servers are the ambassadors of your business. Give them the tools to represent you well.

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and state restaurant associations have training materials to assist you in developing a winning training program. There are also companies that specialize in developing server training programs. Here are a few of them.

solutions for effective training and easy schedulingServer Training Programs

Service that Sells

The Service that Sells brand was founded by seasoned restaurant owners who had built their successful restaurants using top-notch service and targeted sales strategies. The company provides online training solutions and learning programs to operations across the nation to improve service, increase sales and strengthen teamwork. Website: servicethatsells.com.


Jim Sullivan is a well-known keynote speaker and all-around industry expert. He has been a restaurant operator and owner. Today, he is a consultant, best-selling author and the designer of many restaurant training programs. Platforms are listed on the website Sullivision.com and they include workshops, consultation, books, DVDs, audios, ebooks, webinars, mobile apps, podcasts and Vcasts.Website: sullivision.com.

Restaurant Wings

Restaurant Wings offers affordable online training to build a culture of caring, memorable customer service. Focus is on upselling that grows profits. Website: restaurantwings.com.


Upserve’s Service Performance Platform takes the temperature of your front-of-the-house team to indicate where further training is needed. It tracks sales per cover, breaks sales down by menu category, flags problems that require attention and helps you recognize your service stars. Website: upserve.com.

solutions for effective training and easy schedulingScheduling Systems

The scheduling of servers can be fraught with pitfalls, such as employee burnout from too many shifts or grumbling from those who feel they haven’t gotten enough hours. Scheduling by old methods takes a lot of time on the part of the manager or scheduling supervisor. Software systems are available to make scheduling a breeze. Here are just a few of the many available.


TimeForge offers employee scheduling software and online labor management systems designed for the foodservice industry. This automated tool builds employee schedules in minutes; records employee time-off requests and staff availability; provides rapid communication between manager and staff; and monitors daily labor costs at one or more stores. Website: timeforge.com.

7 Shifts

This software efficiently creates, publishes and edits schedules. It improves communications with the workforce, manages employee requests in one place, forecasts predicted sales and scheduling needs. Free mobile apps are available for iPhone and Android. It’s easy to learn and built for restaurants who want to save time and reduce labor costs. Website: 7shifts.com.

T sheets

This scheduling software easily and affordably creates, edits and assigns shifts from your computer or mobile device. Employee alerts automatically notify your staff when a shift is published and when changes are made. Website: tsheets.com.

Zip schedules

Streamlined software is easy to learn and allows creation of work schedules in 15 minutes. Managers can edit schedules and fill shifts in seconds from any device or app with the online schedule maker. Website: zipschedules.com.