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Black River Produce | North Springfield, Vt

Black River Produce | North Springfield, Vt

Vermont's Premier Local Food Distributor And Your Fresh Connection

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Last November, Reinhart Foodservice proudly announced the acquisition of Black River Produce, a well-known and highly respected distributor headquartered in North Springfield, Vermont. Black River Produce was founded in 1978 by Mark Curran and Steve Birge, future food industry entrepreneurs and sustainability advocates. Their small fresh food delivery enterprise started with one VW bus, and developed into a vast distribution network encompassing much of New England.  Curran and Birge’s passion for great locally produced food has proven to be a key ingredient in the success of Vermont’s local foods movement. The company is renowned for its fresh produce, organics, seafood, cheeses, specialty products and Vermont-raised meats.

Sean Buchanan, president of Black River Produce, believes that restaurants are moving more and more toward a focus on fresh, non-processed foods. “We’re seeing that the lifestyle and eating habits of Americans are beginning to change. People want better, fresher food. That’s what we’re all about at Black River Produce.”

Reinhart Foodservice has always strived to maintain a local connection with each of the markets it serves, and Black River is a further example to our commitment to LOCAL! Black River Produce distributes food from 600 family farms located in Vermont and the rest of New England. Several of these amazing food growers and producers include:

Harlow Farms

Paul Harlow started growing organic vegetables in Vermont at about the same time as Black River Produce began their operation. “I remember their first vehicle, the VW bus,” Harlow said. His farm today has 300 acres, and during peak season, Black River picks up produce six times a week.  Spring harvest begins in late May, with lettuce, kale and collards. Next, it’s beets, carrots, cabbage and squash.

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Wilson Farm

Founded by Irish immigrants in 1884, this enterprise grows every vegetable you can imagine – from artichokes to zucchini – plus citrus, berries, stone fruit, apples, pears and melons.

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Sunrise Orchard

Barney and Christiana Hodges adhere to strict growing practices and science in order to “build a better apple.” 130,000 bushels are grown each year, including McIntosh, Empire, Cortland, Honey Crisp, Granny Smith and more.

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Lewis Creek Farm

A founding member of the Vermont Fresh Network, this farm grows 50 varieties of vegetables on soil it boasts is top-notch agricultural soil called “Hadley,” which is a fine, sandy soil.

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Green Mountain Blue Cheese

The Boucher Family has farmed in Northern Vermont and Southern Quebec for 14 generations. 15 years ago, the family began making farmstead cheese, which refers to cheese made right on the farm with milk from the farm’s own dairy herd.

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Misty Knoll Farms

Vermont naturally raised turkeys and chickens are antibiotic-free and free-range.

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Deep Root Organics

Twenty three member cooperative that produces between 85,000 and 100,000 cases of organic produce annually.

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