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Are Your  Burger Buns Real  Bread Winners?

Are Your Burger Buns Real Bread Winners?

Or Do They Take Your Burgers Down?

You put a lot of time and effort into selecting the beef, buffalo, turkey and other ground meats that you use in your burgers. Have you given the same attention to the buns or other breadstuffs that carry these ever-popular menu items to the eager mouths of your patrons?

They say that bread is the staff of life. It’s also the delivery vehicle that can make or break a burger experience. It must hold up to the bacon strips, melted cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, mayo and other more trendy toppings and condiments that accompany one of today’s most reliable menu mainstays. No one wants to pick up a hot, juicy burger, only to have the contents spill out into their lap. They want to eat the meal, not wear it.

An operator needn’t hire a pastry chef to achieve amazing burger buns. Any local artisan baker worth their salt can provide the perfect product to do justice to the most voluptuous burgers. Or, ask your Reinhart® sales consultant for advice. Here are some on-trend suggestions for the perfect bread winner.

Whole-Grain Buns –

Health-conscious customers will appreciate the option of whole-grain buns. Whole grains add nutrition, but also delightful texture. Check out buns with grains such as wheat, oats, rye, barley, millet and flax.

Pretzel Buns Are All The Rage

These dense, hearty dark buns are wildly popular now, and are built tough enough to hold the most daunting load. They are readily available in large burger size, or small for sliders.

Brioche Buns – C’est Magnifique

These classics are of French origin, and many chefs prefer them above all others for their burgers. The dough is richer than regular white bread, due to the addition of eggs, butter and milk. They are glazed with an egg/milk wash prior to baking, and often are topped with sesame seeds.

Challah From Heaven

Your patrons don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate the beauty of a great challah roll. These artfully braided beauties are made with egg, inside the dough and brushed on top for gorgeous color and sheen.

Pita Bread – Flat-Out Delicious

These flat Middle Eastern rounds are a trendy alternative to hamburger buns. When cut in half, they can be cut to make a nifty pocket in which to tuck meat and condiments.

It’s Hip To Be Square

Where is it written that a burger must be round? Fantastic square burgers are being found around the country served between two slices of artisan bread. These can be cut into quarters for easy pickup and delivery to waiting mouths. Also consider adding a selection of patty melts served on bread slices to your burger fare. These open-faced burgers display the tantalizing melted cheese, and are traditionally eaten with knife and fork — which has protected many a silk tie from mustard ruin.

Itty Bitty Buns

Do not neglect your littlest customers. Kids will smile in delight to see miniature buns filled with tiny burgers. Cause even more delight by monogramming the outside of the bun with their initials. Skinny little French fries, a baby sweet gherkin and pile of baby carrots will complement the baby buns.

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